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How To Pitch 6 Thinking Hats




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Many organizations all over the world use the Six Thinking Hats tool to analyze innovative proposals. Among its active users are British Airways, DuPont, Federal Express, IBM, Microsoft, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph, Pepsico, Polaroid, and Prudential Insurance.

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How To Sell Disruptive Ideas to the Six Thinking Hats




How To Pitch Six Thinking Hats  

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This is an outside-the-box use of the Six Thinking Hats tool for selling disruptive ideas to decision makers.

SWOT marketing – an outside-the-box use of the SWOT analysis – is also integrated into this method.




Integrate some “delicious food” for each Hat into your pitch if you know that the appraisers will use – explicitly or implicitly – the Six Thinking Hats analysis to assess your proposal. Do this gently because people don’t like to be sold.

To illustrate, Steve Jobs advised, “Sell dreams and emotional benefits”. Dreams target the Green Hat (Growth) while benefits target the Red Hat (Emotions).




For the White Hat (Information), inspire your audience to ask such questions that would allow you to provide some additional information that would increase the value and appeal of your proposal.


Types of Questions

Learning SWOT Questions




To seduce the Red Hat (Emotions), use emotional marketing techniques.


Emotional Intelligence (EI)




SWOT marketing will help you to win minds and hearts of the Yellow Hat (Optimist), the Black Hat (Pessimist), and the Green Hat (Growth).

Describe your outstanding strengths that inspire optimism. Introduce tremendous opportunities for growth. Reveal weakness and effective ways to overcome them to reduce resistance of the pessimist.




Play InnoBall entrepreneurial simulation game with your proposal and demonstrate how you can implement the proposal to persuade the Blue Hat (Process).


InnoBall Simulation Game

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