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How To Sell Your Ideas to Other Stakeholders

Great ideas are one thing; getting them into the minds of others is another. Use various selling techniques to sell your ideas to others. Remember, marketing is a battle of perceptions, not ideas.  All truth is relative what people perceive to be true that is the truth. Your task is to establish or change your prospect's perceptions, because if they don't you will not win the battle.

4 NLP Perceptual Positions

The ugly truth is that you'll get further with a mediocre idea supported by a skillful marketing campaign than with a great idea alone.

One of the best arguments for persuading decision makers to change direction is to show the value of good innovation. Present your ideas as possibilities and you'll be astonished at how much more readily people turn around and come to see the validity of your ideas.

Many successful marketers use intriguing and persuasive words such as 'imagine' or 'discover' that tap into customers’ deepest values and  desires, no matter what they are. Once people see themselves happier, wealthier, freer, or whatever else you promise, they subconsciously talk themselves into buying.

Sell Benefits

Selling Is Problem Solving

Give people time to digest a new idea. "Be persistent. Don't expect to "win" the first time. Your first job is just to start the other person thinking," advised Benjamin Franklin in his Bargaining Tips.

 Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts

People always resist change, new ideas and new courses of action, even if the ideas are good for them. However, if they have an opportunity to digest these ideas for a few days, they may accept them with enthusiasm. Usually, an individual needs from 24 to 72 hours to absorb a new idea. So, present your ideas in very casual way, as thoughts for consideration or as a coaching or searching question, and then just leave the idea with others, say "we'll discuss this later"  and give them an opportunity to think about it for a few days. >>>

Making Effective Presentations

Impactful Presenter: KoRe 10 Tips

Support for your idea, proposal, project, product purchase or a budget approval can be won or lost based on your ability to present with credibility, to transfer your enthusiasm, and to deliver your thoughts and ideas with style, confidence and authority.

Focus On Your Audience

Understand EGA of Your Audience

Communicate effectively to educate, motivate and persuade your prospects. Be more persuasive and enthusing using emotional keys. A remarkable and persuasive presentation can help you stand out from the crowd, get noticed in a positive way and win supporters... More


Persuading People

Persuasion is about getting people to want to do what you want them to do. "It's how you tap into people's dreams and link your products or services or causes to the realization of their dreams – it's how you make them see it, hear it, and want it, " says Nicholas Boothman.2... More





IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

Use prototypes to sell your ideas to others. Good prototypes don't just communicate – they persuade >>>

Tom Kelley


Benjamin Franklin quotes

Would you persuade,
speak of interest, not of reason.

Benjamin Franklin

Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

TALE of Persuasion: Trusted source + internal Acceptance + clear Logic + Emotional appeal  >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov

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