Impactful Presenter: KoRe 10 Tips




Inspire Change

Start your presentation in an unorthodox way, share something extraordinary, tell an eye-opening story.

Tell a Story

Communicate with pictures to increase your influence over your audience.

How To Make a Presentation that Inspires Change, Vadim Kotelnikov advice



Plan the Parts of Your Presentation

List all points you plan to cover. Group them in sections and put your list of sections in the order that best achieves your objectives. Begin with the most important topics. When you put your talk together, keep in mind why your audience would want to hear what you have to say.  >>>


Understand EGA of Your Audience





Start with the main message, highlight the strongest point

Emphasize the need

Present an easy-to-understand great solution in simple words:

Structure the supporting rationale:

  • into three points  because most audiences can easily assimilate three points

  • either as a grouping of parallel points or a logical flow of argument: statement, implication, resolution





 How To Market Your Venture


Your radical innovation journey is not easily understood by others. It breaks rules, is multi-faceted, and complex. You must develop an inspiring, convenient, insightful and engaging way to get your message across.

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