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  • Motivational opening. You must make a powerful first impression, inspire and arouse curiosity. Promise to tell the audience how they can get something they want. Lift your visor. Grab attention with an interesting fact, a provocative question, a joke, a short anecdote, or an inspiring quotation.

  • Introduction. You must manage expectations. Before you begin your presentation, be sure your participants know what to expect. Set the tone and the theme. Tell them how they will benefit from listening to your presentation.

  • Outline of agenda. Help them to understand and picture the structure of your material. List all points you plan to cover. Begin with the most important topics.

  • Present your Big Idea. Decide what it is you would like to happen as a result of your presentation and explain your main idea first. It will serve as a framework for further explanations.

  • Content section by section. Begin to break into segments; present each segment with its details. Make your presentation visual. Do more that lecture. engage your listeners. Support your presentation with activities directly related to the information being presented create a conversation cycle, use role-play practices, etc.

  • Recap each section. Build in a recap at the end of each section before you finish and go on, for reinforcement and additional clarification.

  • Make transitions to next section. Let everyone know you're about to go to a new topic; this makes your outline structure continuously clear.

  • Wrap-up.  At the end of all the components, wrap up by restating the whole idea, hitting the major points.

  • Conclusion. You must finish memorably. Bring together all the elements of your presentation by reviewing the highlights. Finish with emotional statement of the Big Idea you wish to convey.





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