Importance of First Impression

First impressions last. The audience will make decisions about you from your first appearance, your words and the sound of your voice. You can't make a first impression twice.


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Don't Pretend, Be

Don't pretend to be someone you are not ‒ people will feel intuitively you're lying to them and will dislike you.

Be yourself. Be positive, energized, passionate about our noble life mission and value creating activities. Be charismatic, be witty.

Your prospects feel subconsciously how you feel about them. Repeat mentally the following three phrases to create the right attitude towards your audience:

I am happy to be hear!
I am happy to see you all!
I am very interested in you, and I'm going to give you something very special! 


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Making a Presentation

To be an impactful presenter, be inspired by the deep belief in your cause, but focus on your audience. Be passionate about your topic and let your passion show.

Plan your opening sentences and practice them in front of a mirror. Use short sentences. Keep technical information at a minimum. Grab attention with a joke, an interesting fact, a short anecdote, a quotation, a positive statement, a provocative question... something designed to arouse curiosity and get the audience looking and listening to you.

Be confident − even if you are actually not.


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Learn from Dalai Lama


Invited to speak before the crowd of six thousand the seekers, the curious, and the skeptical - at Arizona State University in 1993, Dalai Lama entered the lecture hall and walked through the crowd smiling broadly and greeting people as he passed by, writes Howard C.Cutler in the Art of Happiness.

"Finally passing through a curtain, he walked on stage, bowed, folded his hands, and smiled. He was greeted with thunderous applause. At his request, the house lights were not dimmed so he could clearly see his audience, and for several moments he simply stood there, quietly surveying the audience with an unmistakable expression of warmth and goodwill. For those who had never seen the Dalai Lama before, his maroon and saffron monk's robes may have created a somewhat exotic impression, yet his remarkable ability to establish rapport with his audience was quickly revealed as he sat down and began his talk."


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Connecting With People

Nicholas Boothman, the author of How To Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less, suggests the following three rules of making a good first impression:

① Look people in the eye and smile. Eye contact validates the person and engenders trust. Smiling makes you appear happy and confident.

Fit in when you want people to feel like they already know you, be a chameleon. You feel comfortable and relaxed with people who are like you. Pace your prospects, synchronize your body language with them to achieve immediate connection.

Capture the imagination and you capture the heart. Use sensory-rich language and images so others can see, hear, feel, smell and taste what you mean.


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