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Why Connect with People?

Connecting with people "is not about being phony or acting like someone you are not; it's about creating a favorable link between your internal nature with its beliefs and values, and the external world where you go to work,", says Nicholas Boothman, the author of How To Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less.

Learning to connect fast with your customers, colleagues, bosses, employees, and even total strangers by taking full advantage of your body, your mind, your voice, and above all your imagination will give you a significant competitive edge. It will help you maximize the potential in every relationship, be it personal, business-related, or social.


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Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Fools talk mouth-to-mouth. Intelligent people talk mouth-to-ear. Wise people and lovers talk soul-to-soul.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Connect with Senses

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart," advised Donald Laird.

Different people take in the world through different senses. People have different preferred ways of thinking and communicating their experiences some express themselves in pictures, others talk about how things sound to them, and others speak about how things feel. If you want to connect with them, you have to figure out which sense they favor... More



Take the Preferred Styles Into Account

To work effectively with people, take their preferred style of interaction and decision-making into account. Many misunderstandings derive from differences in style.

For example, "Perceivers" may see "Judgers" as unwilling to take the time to explore creative options. Conversely, "Judgers" can become irritated by "Perceivers" who may stray from the agenda... More




Eye Contact

Eye is one of the most important nonverbal channels you have for communication and connecting with other people. "The cheapest, most effective way to connect with people is to look them into the eye," advises Nicholas Boothman.  

Eyes are not only the "window to the soul", they also answer the critical questions when you are trying to connect:

▪ Is s/he paying attention to what I'm saying?
▪ Does this person find me attractive?
▪ Does this person like me?... More