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Business Success 360

Unique holistic mini-course


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Traditional piecemeal approaches produce piecemeal results

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Business Success 360

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You'll be able to help companies meet their pressing needs:

  • Build a greater and more profitable business

  • Develop more innovative strategies and business models

  • Grow stronger leaders

  • Make the team more innovative and entrepreneurial

  • Establish greater systems, organization and processes

  • Win more customers

Open up new horizons like this Business Guru


Peter Chikumba, business trainer, leadership teacher, Zimbabwe, South Africa

Dr Peter S Chikumba
Regional business coach

for Southern Africa  >>>

"I can’t hold back the joy I experienced after downloading
Business Success 360.

Thank you for encouraging me to this achievement! I am on the road to build the Giant Entrepreneur inside me."


20 Chapters


Harmonious Growth

Creating Customer Value


Market Leadership

Managerial Leadership

People Power

Winning Organization


Smart Innovation

Efficiency and Quality


Marketing and Selling

Building Synergies

Intellectual Brilliance

Lessons from Market Leaders

Special Tools for SMEs





Smart & Fast Lessons teach MORE in less time



Instant enlightenment  &  Lasting inspiration


Every slide is provided with a half-page executive summary


PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download - Culture of Creative Dissatisfaction   PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Innovation, Disruptive Entrepreneur, take risk  PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Value Innovation Strategies, emfographics


Unlimited source of ideas for innovation

Original and inspiring cutting-edge solutions

Lessons and wisdom from leading companies


Small 3-miunute modules

Eye-opening emfographics-powered slides

Simple and insightful half-page summaries



Your outstanding Benefits


Be different and remarkable
Help your clients vault to a higher level!


Make insightful and empowering presentations


Become an inspirational and preferred business trainer

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great success



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Unique & Unlimited

source of inspiration, innovation and growth

by Vadim Kotelnikov personal logo  the Founder of 1000ventures  ●  Innovarsity ●  Emfographics  ●  Success360  ●  Innompic Games


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"Your work is BRILLIANT. It is THE BEST SELF TRAINING TOOL that I have come across. Universities and Schools of Business should have this as a standard resource." ~ A.Wein, Entrepreneur Consultant & Professor, RMIT University


"All my years in business and graduate business school can't hold a candle to what you have." ~ Tom West, Technical Toolboxes Canada Ltd


"It produces a 'bomb effect'!" ~ Mikael Henzler, Adelphi

  United States

"We firmly believe that the Ten3 Business e-Coach is the missing link between business dreams and business success." ~ Fred Nelsen, NAAC



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Business Success 360 - PowerPoint download for educators, trainers, consultants

215 lessons

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Help others grow and Grow yourself



  Vadim Kotelnikov, business training, Innovation Football, Innoball, EuropeVadim Kotelnikov, business training, Innovation Football, Innoball, USA, United States, MarsVadim Kotelnikov, business training, Innovation Football, Innoball, Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia 

   United States

"Thank you for your powerful sites which are changing my personal life and work. I found you at the right time in my life!  This is pure brilliance and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Peace to you!"

~ Teresa Blair, Coordinator, PLFVCNN


"You have an excellent product worthy to be proud of."

~ Kusnadi Salim, PT Synergy Kinetics Indonesia

e-Coach - inspiration and innovation unlimited - Vadim Kotelnikov and innovation team


I am a great fan of your e-Coach and it motivates me to drive my carrier in IP & Innovation management.

Pinaki Ghosh, Infosys Technologies Limited


"I have just been surfing your material...WOW!"

~ Lee Primeau, President, Leader Shift Inc.


I got the material, superior! Helps a lot my thinking. I will be your most happy client going for future. Really good material, helps me to analyse my company and what we should focus on. Thank you!

~ Pia Vuohelainen, Idean, Finland

  South Africa

"I am an entrepreneur and have recently started up my own business.  I have been implementing the principles learned from your “Smart & Fast Entrepreneur” series of e-coaching modules, and have found them to be revolutionary in my own life."  

~ Trevor Hartley





a leading

Business Guru

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