Monsanto was established in 1901 as a chemical giant. Starting from 1995, Monsanto transformed from industrial chemical company to a biotech company, then to a seeds company, and then to data science and service provider in addition to its traditional chemicals, seeds and genetic traits operations.

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During 1995-97, it was undergoing a transformation to prepare itself for the twenty-first century and become a life sciences company.

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Personalized conversations were the most important single factor for the company's success. Instead of traditional workshops, Monsanto used a series of formatted small group conversations in order to address the issues at the personal level, and thus, create the desired sense of passion in each employee.



Employees were encouraged to discuss the transformation into a life sciences company ‒

  • the nature of the strategic business opportunities,

  • what it requires for Monsanto to succeed,

  • the desired culture Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book,

  • how to work together,

  • the personal transitions required,

and so forth... More


Keys To Success

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Monsanto was successful in their change management ventures because the company managed to create a culture that leads the industry in innovation, speed, and courage. The focus was on building good employee relationships as a path to true competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book that enables employees to boost performance.

The change leaders succeeded by asking effective questions:

  • How to get Monsanto's people to work together better than the competitors?

  • How could we create an environment in which employees would be more authentic and truthful, braver?

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  • How to make employees less defensive and territorial, and more committed?

  • How could executives with years in direct control of their operations suddenly collaborate at a new level?  >>>



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