To know your enemy,
become your enemy.

Competitor is not an enemy,
but your innovation coach >>>



Personal Internal Enemies

Happiness enemies - happiness is a two-way road

Happy vs. Unhappy    Positive vs. Negative    Winners vs. Losers  >>  Lexicon

Never forget that knowledge plays to opposite roles ‒ it serves as a fertile soil for generating new ideas and entraps people in old ways of seeing and thinking.


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Happiness Way    Optimist    Laughter

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Enemies of Change and Innovation

Enemies of Change Resistance to Change Change Program Motivate Employees to Embrace Change Example of Employee Involvement: GE Work-Out Barriers to Change Resistance to Change in the Wworkplace Change Enemies Poor Leadership Leading Change Continuous Learning Forward Vadim Kotelnikov Enemies of Change

Barriers to Change    Resistance to Change  >>  in the Workplace    Misleader

Enemies of Innovation >> Enemies of a Startup   6 Barriers    Why New Products Fail


How To Overcome Resistance to Change

Prepare to Win    Presentation    6Ws

10 Commandments of Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

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Getting to NO

Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts


Personal (emfographics)


Winners vs. Losers (slide)


Human barriers to knowledge sharing


Benjamin Franklin

I've met the enemy, and it is me.

Benjamin Franklin

Jack Welch advice business quotes

Bureaucracy is the enemy. It fears change, is terrified by speed and hates simplicity.

Jack Welch