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Impediments to Strategy Implementation




Functional Mindset

The biggest impediment to strategy implementation is the traditional functional mindset of many senior executives. Changing only one or two things seldom brings any significant overall organizational change. There are no "magic bullets" that would change entire organizations... More



Lack of Cross-functional Expertise and Efforts

Lack of cross-functional excellence and cross-functional management on the part of the strategic leader and the management team respectively will not allow them to address all the interdependent issues effectively.  >>>




Lack of Systems Thinking and Action

Everything is connected to everything else. You can never do just one thing. Changing one strategic element  has a ripple effect that impacts other parts of corporate strategy, which in turn have their own ripple effects, and so on.

Further, to translate a strategic plan into action that bring desired organizational outcomes requires incorporating numerous variables:  organizational arrangements, social factors, individual behavior, processes, and technology. Lack of systems thinking the ability to see business as a whole including the many different types of relationships between the many elements in a complex system is thus a major impediment to successful strategy implementation.




Organizational Resistance To Change

Strategy implementation is inextricably connected with organizational change. All organizations resist change and try to maintain the status quo, sometimes even if it yields unsatisfactory results.



Lack of Strategic Motivation

Without strategic motivation, without the organization's enthusiastic involvement and participation of strategically aligned and inspired employees, it is impossible to implement any strategic plan.



Inability To Adapt To Rapidly Changing Environment

Rapidly changing business environment makes past strategic decisions obsolete rather quickly. Inability to revise the strategy continuously, learn from feedback and reassess past decisions is at the core of many strategy implementation failures in today's rapidly changing business environment >>>


Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Know your enemies. Know your strengths and weaknesses. When you execute your strategy, know how to manage both action and inaction.

Sun Tzu

The Art of War