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Cross-functional Expertise and Tasks

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Cross-functional Excellence of a Business Architect

In today's complex new economy driven by knowledge and systemic innovation, cross-functionally excellent business architects are in growing demand.

Business Success 360 - PowerPoint download for trainers, consultants, smart learning for entrepreneurs

By building your cross-functional excellence, you'll be able to tie several silos of business development expertise together, create synergies, lead people who will put their plans into action, and ultimately build a winning synergistically integrated organization.

To perform task of a business architect, you'll need to possess the following competencies.

Integrated Approach To the Management Process

The integrated business systems approach to business development and the management process is what distinguishes modern cross-functionally excellent business architects from functional managers.

As a business architect and an extremely effective leader, you must have a broad view to be able to link together synergistically! the key components of corporate success from functional planning to cross-functional cooperation, from supply chain management to customer value creation, from the art of continuous learning learning to the practice of effective communication and influencing people and bundle them in an intellectual, innovative and pragmatic package that can be used to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and business growth, both top-line and bottom-line.

2 Basic Business Growth Strategies

To fulfil these responsibilities, a Business Architect typically should have broad cross-functional expertise and be able to build business synergies.  >>>

Systems Thinking and Modern Management

"Many managers fail to see the forest for the trees. This is not an either/or problem. The trick is to see both the forest and the trees. Systems thinking is a methodology for doing both simultaneously. It's more than a methodology, it's like learning a new language and takes nearly as long as learning a foreign language to achieve maturity," says Jim Botkin, the author of Smart Business.

The goal of systems thinking is to manage the rapidly growing complexity of the worlds of business and technology. The task of a business architect and a process manager is to create systems, within a sensibly structured business, that empowers employees and enables people to achieve higher productivity and greater competitive advantage.

Systems thinking characterizes many of the world's leading executives. It is a formal discipline of management science that deals with the whole business system and in terms of the interconnections and interactions of its parts.

Business Success 360 - PowerPoint download for trainers, consultants, smart learning for entrepreneurs

Balancing Your Business System

If your business is in flames, stop what you are doing, quiet your mind and take a bird's-eye view of your business. Drop any misconceptions you may have as to what you should be doing, and then re-balance your business.  As you regain the balance in your business, you will regain control.

A business is more than finance. Performance measures need to be aligned with the organization's strategy. The Business Systems approach considers business as system of interrelated factors of strategy, owners, investors, management, workers, finance, processes, products, suppliers, customers, and competitors... More

IT Architect: Modern Requirements

IT Leader: New Roles of a CIO

Modern ICT-powered Value Chain

IT architects are in growing demand.  They are cross-functionally excellent people who can "tie several silos of expertise together," relate to business problems as well as technology, and then sell their ideas upward and downward in the corporate hierarchy... More