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Systemic Innovation

Holistic + Cross-functional + Synergistic

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Match technological innovations with complementary business model, strategy, process, organizational, marketing, and other innovations.

Create innovative synergies. Synergize ideas, diversities, innovations, functions and project portfolio.


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The Heart of Systemic Innovation




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Love is at the heart of effective innovation and a happy business. Love what you do, love your partners and your customers.

Value innovation is an entrepreneurial way to tell customers, 'We love you!"

Love the whole value creation process if you want to truly take care of all things.






Launched in 2017 as a civilizational breakthrough and a trend setter,  annual World Innompic Games engaged excited participants from all continents quickly.

This video presents Innompic Games as a systemic-innovation rainbow.




Innovation is 1% invention and 99% entrepreneurial action VadiK  

Innovation Process A-Z/360

Innovation is a process of inventing innovative value and taking the invention through to satisfied users.

Managing innovation is quite different from managing operations as you always have less information available to make choices.




Innovation is not divisible – ‘good in parts’ is no good at all. Innovation systems are only as strong as their weakest links.

If you want to lead the market, you must be the industry leader in developing new business models and new products or services. You must be on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative business processes. Your customer value proposition must offer a superior solution to a customers' problem, and your product must be well differentiated.


Systemic Innovation

Shift from Linear to Systemic Innovation

Synergy Innovation

Systematic Approach to Innovation

Empower Cross-functional Innovation Teams



Vadim Kotelnikov

Reducing innovation to technology innovation only is like playing guitar that has one string. Put strategy, product, business model, process, organization, and marketing strings on, and you'll be able to create real music!

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Innovation Process A-Z/360

The driving force of innovation is love. By its nature innovation is a science-flavored art. The process of innovation, ideally, is jazz − improvisation within a guiding structure, in reality, it is a football game.





Boosters of  Systemic Innovation

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11 Guiding Principles

Guiding Structure

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