Addressing innovation as a discipline





For innovation to be reliable, you need to address it systematically, as a discipline, like any business issue in which you define a problem or an opportunity and then solve the problem or pursue the opportunity.


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"Identify every barrier that keeps people away from your offerings, especially for first-time customers. Then systematically tackle each one, using a combination of simplicity, clear communication, and customer-centered design," advises Tom Kelley from IDEO




You should answer the following questions:

What do you want to achieve, and how?

What competencies, capabilities and resources do you need?

Who will be the leader? Who will be on the team?

How will you motivate, inspire, energize, and reward them?

Can you use a systematic approach to inventive thinking and integration of ideas?

How will you measure progress and success?


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Innovation journey from an idea to customer success is never a straight line is it a virtuous spiral.

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Free ebook Innovation Process A-Z/360 by Vadim Kotelnikov