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The Jazz of Innovation

Encourage Improvisation within a Guiding Structure





"Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will." ~ Jawaharlal Nehru



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The Tao of the Jazz of Innovation

  1. YIN (passive, accepting side). Honoring the structure: Aligning creative activities with strategic direction, roadmaps, guiding principles, and organizational charts that provide both the structure and the basis for creative insights.

  2. YANG (active, aggressive side). Embracing creative chaos: practicing hands-off management, creating cross-functional innovation teams, cross-pollinating, experimenting, allowing the freedom to fail and try again

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The Jazz of Innovation

11 Practice Tips

  1. Provide strategic alignment. Create an inspiring vision and launch a crusade. Link the innovation strategy with corporate vision, goals, objectives, and strategy. Develop a strategic innovation roadmap to choose and do the right things.

  2. Challenge assumptions. Think outside-the-box. Ask searching questions to identify hidden problems and opportunities. Keep eyes open for inspiration. Brainstorm every day... More

5 Strategies for Creating a Culture of Questioning

Inspirational Leadership

10 Roles

The Jazz of Innovation

To jazz up your ability to innovate, turn to jazz.

The improvisation-driven model for innovation project management doesn’t discard structure, just as there is a clear structure to good jazz.

In innovation, this structure is created through roadmaps, guiding principles, business processes, systems and organizational charts. Strategic planning and road-mapping processes cannot guarantee brilliant flashes of creative insight, but they can prepare minds and increase the odds that such flashes occur in real time. Thus structure, as chords do in jazz, serves as a basis for improvisation, experimentations, discoveries and innovation.

Yin-Yang of Value Innovation

 Case in Point  Aetna Insurance

Many corporations are now working with the arts community.

Aetna Insurance brought in jazz bassist Michael Gold and his ensemble to teach improvisation. The theory is that kind reactive thinking can help employees handle competition and conflict.7

Finding the Right Balance Between Structure and Chaos

You need a certain amount of chaos to be creative but not to the point that you feel overwhelmed by its amount. Too much uncertainty discourages people from mobilizing their best effort. Direction and purpose and a certain amount of structure create freedom. People feel liberated by goals and guidelines.

The JAZZ of INNOVATION (Ten3 Mini-course)

 Case in Point  BP

Finding an Equilibrium Between Chaos and Order

To evolve BP into an adaptive organization, one that would be better able to survive and prosper in today's uncertain and turbulent times, John Browne decided to raise the creative tension. He established the preconditions necessary for creating such tension and deliberately moved the organization to a situation that was at the edge of chaos. That is, the point at which a natural equilibrium is found between chaos and order, comparable to the conditions in the evolving natural world... More

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements

Empowered Employees (Metal):

Leadership-Management Synergy

Leaders: Lead improvisation. Managers: Provide structure.

Resulting synergy: Jazz of innovation... More

29 Obstacles To Innovation

Creating a Culture for Innovation

Creating new strategic initiatives around organizational design and structure, innovation processes, innovation metrics, and other levers can make a significant difference in shaping the culture, and there are many practical approaches for manipulating each lever.... More

Inspiring Culture: 5 Elements

10 Ways To Murder Creativity

  1. Ask for a 200-page document to justify every new idea... More

Humorous Business Plan: How To Succeed In Innovation

Operational Plan: "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." ~ Albert Einstein... More

Inspirational Business Plan: Successful Innovation

Innovation Management Team: "The ability to innovate is only as good as how one can accept changes and take risks." – Franco Paolo Liu Eisma... More

The JAZZ of INNOVATION (Ten3 Mini-course)






The Jazz of Innovation



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