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  The Jazz of Innovation


Powerful Ideation Tools

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools   >>>

Simulation game Innovation Football  >>>  

10 Tips for Stimulating Radical Idea Generation

① Establish the spirit of relentless growth in your organization.

② Create strategic intent, set stretch goals, emphasize a misfit between the current state and corporate aspirations, actively encourage the quest for new opportunities, and create and sustain strategic momentum for radical innovation... More

Innovation Process: Diversion and Conversion of Ideas

The process of innovation is a rhythm Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book of search and selection, exploration and synthesis, cycles of divergent thinking followed by convergence.  >>>

Divergence, or creative synthesis, is the interlocking of previously unrelated skills, or matrices of thought.

Creative Dissatisfaction

Entrepreneurial Creativity

The creation of such intellectual ferment is important to innovation – the more options offered, the more likely that an out-of-the-box perspective will be available for selection. Suspend judgment. Just hearing a very different perspective challenges the mindset of others sufficiently that they will search beyond what initially appears to be an obvious solution. This is a reason that intellectually heterogeneous cross-functional teams are more innovative than homogenous functional ones.  >>>

As soon as a sufficient choice of innovative ideas has been generated, a solution – convergence upon acceptable action – needs to be defined and agreed upon. 

Fast Evaluation of Ideas

Fast idea evaluation techniques are at the core of the ‘tight’ phase.

These techniques are based on corporate guiding principles and may range from a simple 80/20 assessment or 'Gold Coin cards' through weighted criteria to more sophisticated ‘4x2 perceptual positions’ and simulation games such as InnoBall.

Case Studies Apple’s “10 to 3 to 1″ Design Process

Apple’s strategy for innovation demands that design ideas to be generated in multitudes. They are all run through a selection mechanism that kills off the weak and only lets the strongest ideas rise to the top.

Apple innovators design without restriction 10 entirely different mockups of any new feature. Later they whittle that number to three, spend some time on those three and then finally end up with one strong solution that integrates the best ideas generated along the way... More