Benefits of Suspended Judgment During Ideation

Suspended judgment during the idea procurement phase.

If you jump to judging ideas, you have no time to explore their value. If an idea is properly given attention it just may become a solution to a problem and/or breed further ideas.




Suspend judgment to let your brainstorm session cultivate truly great ideas.

Suspended judgment helps participants to break out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Acceptance of all ideas has also a stimulating effect and inspires




Practice Tips

• Inspire exploration, not judgment. The participants should do their best to extract as much usefulness from each idea as possible.

• Install a "five minute rule" that permits express only positive comments for the first five minutes after an idea is expressed.

• Inspire participants to offer ideas which their own judgment rejects because these ideas may be extremely useful to other members of the brainstorming session and inspire their creativity.

• Ask participants to adopt a beginner’s mind in order to inspire curiosity, optimism, exploration and learning. Unlearning opens minds to a world of outside-the-box possibilities for creative problem solving and discovering breakthroughs.

Reframe the problem, state it from a different point of view to inspire ideas which can be judged to be wrong within the current frame of reference.


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Emotional Benefits of Idea Implementation

Idea implementation is not just a money-making tool, it is also a powerful attitude motivator. It inspires goodwill and creativity of employees.


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