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Considering an Issue From Many Different Aspects

Vadim Kotelnikov

The Power of Reframing

Consider every issue from many different aspects

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Vadim Kotelnikov

If you don't reframe, you can see just one side of the situation. Reframe a situation, a challenge, or a problem, and you will discover other sides of it and better ways to address the issue!

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The first step toward a great answer is to reframe the question.

Tom Kelley




Example: Get Indexed by Google Earlier

There are no conventional ways to speed up indexing of a new article by Google, but outside-the-box solutions are plentiful. All you need to invent one is to reframe the challenge.


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"The way we see the problem is the problem." ~ Stephen R. Covey



Reframing Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP) - Psychology of Success and Technology of Achievement Problem Solving REFRAMING - NLP Problem Solving Techniques

Two Types of Reframing

  1. Context reframing: recognizing that there is a positive place for almost any behavior – doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.

  2. Content reframing: changing the meaning of a seemingly limiting behavior.

Creative Problem Solving: Stepping Out Of Your Shoes

By Think Tools

Stepping out of your everyday shoes (and thinking mode) and into the shoes of others may help you surface new insights to a problem. Select a perspective and brainstorm ideas from that perspective for five-minutes before moving on to another perspective.

  • Attitudes: Optimist; Pessimist; Inventor; Researcher; Hip Shooter.

  • Stakeholders: Employer; Shareholder; Employee; Client; Supplier; Competitor.

  • Family: Grandfather; Mother; Small Child... More

Reframing Defined

In NLP terms, a frame is a focus of attention you give to something. Reframing assigns another meaning or another sense to a situation or context, thus sees it in a different frame. Changing the frame of an experience can have a major influence on how you perceive, interpret and react to that experience.

Reframing is a powerful technique to solve problems.

Sometimes the way you frame a problem contains an assumption that prevents you from solving it. The value of reframing is being able to consider an issue from many different aspects. It is a way of getting people to think: 'How else can I do or consider this?‘

Let the scenes appear in another point of view (frame) so that someone is able to deal with the problem better.

The Power of Taking a Different View

It was by taking a different view of a traditional business that major innovations were achieved. To find a better creative solution to the current practice, force yourself to reframe the problem, to break down its components and assemble them in a different way.

Context Reframing

Recognize that there is a positive place for almost any situation or event if you do the right thing in the right place at the right time. Ask "Where could this situation be useful?" or "In what other context would this particular event be of value?"

Once you are more resourceful, you can then discover effective applications that may be appropriate in current situation.

Content Reframing

The content or meaning of a situation is determined by what you choose to focus on. Change the meaning of a seemingly limiting behavior. “An electrical power failure can be viewed as disruptive, a major disaster given all you have to get done. Or it can be viewed as an opportunity to spend some intimate time with your spouse or to have fun with your children finding innovative ways to manage the situation,” says Roger Ellerton, an NLP master.3

Value Reframing

In brand management and marketing terms value reframing means giving a new value to a product/service by finding a new market or context.

For example, Pepsi-Cola created value by reframing the discussion of Coca Cola as "old" and traditional, whereas Pepsi was new and exciting.

When it started talking about the Pepsi Generation and issued its "Pepsi Challenge," it turned its weakness into strength. In a “Pepsi Challenge” commercial, they said, "Sure the other guys have been king, but let's look at today. Do you want yesterday's product, or do you want today's?" The ads reframed Coke's traditional dominance into a weakness, as indication that it was a product of the past, not the future.








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