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Think and act strategically
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Strategic problem solving, ideation techniques  

Idea Management Strategies

Many factors affect your life and business. Strategic problem solving focuses on the most important ones the key drivers and their interdependence. Ideas can be all over the place.




Identify the Desired Future State

To develop ideas efficiently, you need to identify the desired future state you want to achieve as well as a strategy that addresses the identified problem.




4 Levels of Strategic Problem Solving course by VadiK  

5 Phases of
Strategic Problem Solving

❶ structure the problem;

❷ define the desired result, constraints and strategy;

❸ gather data and analyze it;

brainstorm ideas to develop recommendations;

❺ gain organizational buy-in




Objective is what you want to achieve.

Strategy is how you propose to achieve the objective.

Such strategic alignment defines which domains to explore and which ones to avoid.


Turn Problems to Opportunities

Ask Learning SWOT Questions





3Bs of Strategic Creativity

A SuperCreativity technique





To come out with a creative solution, use KoRe 3Bs Strategic Creativity technique:

Brainstill to visualize the desired future;

Brainstorm to generate strategic ideas that would get you there;

Brainstill to visualize the resulting future and compare it with the desired one.

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Re-brainstorm strategic ideas if you are not satisfied with the resulting future state.





The 3Bs Strategic Creativity technique works especially well if HIGHERsight
is mastered


HIGHERsight course by VadiK strategic problem solving