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The distance between a big problem and a great creative solution can be uncoverable or very short.

It all depends on your mindset!




  1. 4 Types of Problems

  2. Solving People Problems

  3. Negotiation as a Joint Problem Solving Process

  4. Separate the People from the Problem

  5. Selling Is Problem Solving

  6. 4 Levels of Problem Solving

  7. Ask the Right Question

  8. Ask Searching Questions

  9. The Five-Why Method

  10. Work Backward Strategy

  11. Toyota A3 Methodology and 7-Step Method

  12. GE Work-Out: Dealing With Two Types of Problems

  13. STRIDES Model for Solving Complex Problems

  14. Strategic Problem Solving

  15. Challenge Assumptions

  16. Reframing

  17. Take Different Perceptual Positions

  18. Creative Problem Solving: 6-Phase Process

  19. Lateral Thinking: Look for Wider Solutions

  20. Multisensory Immersion In the Problem

  21. 10 Brainstorming Rules

  22. See Every Problem as an Opportunity

  23. Turn Problems Into Opportunities: 6 Tips

  24. Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

  25. Lateral Leadership: Involve Your Colleagues

  26. 7 DOs and 7 DON'Ts of Lateral Leadership

  27. Make Decisions Quickly

  28. Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques

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 "Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems." ~ Sun Tzu

Become a problem solving star and hero!

Achieve much more!

Be a smarter leader, negotiator, and a salesperson!

Turn every problem into an opportunity!



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