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Guest Posting
Guest posting can work as a catalyst to improve the visibility of your business on the web and make it omnipresent in today's digital age.

Sponsored posts help the beneficiary website obtain high-value external links from high-ranked websites and thus enhance its own ranking.

One of the best ways to achieve quality backlinks that get a website noticed by search engines and readers is to guest post on relevant high-ranked websites. Quality backlinks in insightful content impress readers and search engines.

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Guest Post Writing Services

Typical Requirements

The text should correspond to the topic and title.

The article should be easy to read (without huge paragraphs), without grammar errors and well-structured (all paragraphs should be meaningful and relevant to the topic, text should have headings formatted as h1,

The article should be at least 80% unique (we check via

The article should contain relevant statistics with a link to a source and 1-2 links to other trusted sources.

The client's link should be used in the first half of the article.

The client's link should be used in non-promotional way and be contextually relevant to the whole article and the paragraph where it's used.

The paragraph with the client's link should be relevant to the topic of the page it is linked to.

The client's link should be visible in text.

The link anchor should be relevant in context and should not break the phrase.

For sponsored link insertion

Any relevant, natural and non-promo anchor


Standard Contract between a Client and a Publisher
Client sends a sponsored article

Publisher publishes the sponsored article and makes it indexable by Google through providing incoming internal links

Client pays for the service within 3 days after the sponsored guest post has been published

Accelerated indexing of a new article by Google



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I came across your site from a search on Google, and it generated great interest from me personally.

Jonathan Wolf



I found your excellent business e-Coach pages on the web. Is it possible for me to provide a link from our own web pages to yours? We are a training organisation in the UK and frequently get asked to provide information about good sources of information on the web.

Christopher Bowerman



This site is absolutely over-whelming!!! It has so much useful content in there... and it is unbelievable how many links you have... e-Coach is like a tree of knowledge... where you can keep clicking and reaching so many different sections of the site...

Pooja Sharma

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Payer: Rashid Hashmat Al
i; SEO Marketer: Niko Kamryn <>

You have a message from Rashid Hashmat Ali.
Please reply as soon as possible.
The refund request is not fair becasuse the client justifies it by lack of an action by Google that is not is not a part of the contract.
The contact was implemented by us 100%. The sponsored article sent by the client
"Successful Real Estate Project Management"
was published at this URL
and prepared for indexing by Google by providing 11 incoming links, including one from the home page.

Indexing of new web pages by Google is managed by Google and CANNOT be demanded from anybody else but Google. Google is NOT a part of the contract and thus the demand for refund because Google has not indexed the new page yet is absolutely unfair.

This is unfair refund demand from a person who doeesn't want to understand that the schedule Google indexing of new webpages is managed by Google, not by us.
We did our job according to Sponsored Guest Post standards.

1. We published the client's sponsored article named "Successful Real Estate Project Management" at our website here =>

2. We provided incoming linkss to the artcile to enable indexing it by Google.

Now the client asks for refund from us because Google has not indexed the article yet.
This refund demand is unfair because no one but Google can manage process of Google indexing.
Google indexing of new pages take from 3 to 40 days usually.

As soon as Google indexes the article, the basis for this unfair refund demand will be eliminated.
PS: We are on the market since 2001. It's for the first time that we meet with such and unfair refund demand. Otherwise we have millions of highly satified clients worldwide. Some of their 'Thank-You' notes are published at this page:

Your decision to refund the buyer created a very dangerous precedent.

The buyer complain looks like this:
"We demand refund because the Sun didn't rise at midnight".
The facts are:
Buyer didn't pay in advance, he paid after the job has been done, so he knew what he was paying for.
We completed the job - published the buyer's article according to the industry standards.
The buyer reviewed the job done and made the payment.

Few days later, the buyer demanded refund because Google had not indexed his article yet. This is similar to demanding a refund because the Sun didn't rise at midnight which the buyer expected for his own reason.
SEO marketing is a huge $ multi-billion market. Most transactions in market are done through PayPal.
By honoring this unfair refund demand PayPal will cause many publishers to switch to different payment system (we'll publish this amazing story at our popular websites and social media in case this refund takes place).

Thank you for your additional consideration.