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The Jazz of Innovation

11 Practice Tips

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Improvisation within a guiding structure





The Jazz of Innovation
  improvisation within a guiding structure
is a highly effective innovation processes.

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Here are the 11 Guiding Principles (practice tips) of the Jazz of Innovation that will help you to establish an effective innovation process in your company.




Customer-driven Innovation
Involve everyone, require every person, regardless of their position, to spend time on customer contact and services activities. Ask all your employee to get on board with customer-driven innovation and value innovation. Encourage experimentation, risk taking and beginning again more intelligently...


Yin-Yang of Innovation Jazz 

Guiding Structure

Idea Assessment

Loose-Tight Leadership




Encourage Accidental Discoveries

Many ideas surface in the strangest ways, often when they are least expected. Sometimes they seem to pop up almost by accident. "Sketch ideas and make things, and you're likely to encourage accidental discoveries," advises Tom Kelly from IDEO. The accidental discovery is triggered by chaos, experimentation and contradictions, rather than by order and logic... More





Play InnoBall entrepreneurial simulation game




Vadim Kotelnikov how to make great presentations win wisely innoball simulation game  

InnoBall (Innovation Brainball) will help you anticipate moves of diverse 'enemies' of your innovation project and take preventive actions.

The simulation game will also help you develop much stronger business strategies, business case, and business model.




In addition, InnoBall will enhance entrepreneurial skills of the innovation team.

It will also the upper management to assess the capabilities of the innovation team and select the best players.


Innovation Project Management

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools




The InnoBall game process is an improvisation.

The innovation team makes strategic moves.

Opponents counterattack.

Innovators try to anticipate opponents' counterattacks
and address challenges creatively


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Examples of Successful Business Practices




Jeff Bezos story lessons quotes

For innovation to flourish, everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and iterate.

Jeff Bezos




Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, companies nourish the relentless-growth attitude, challenge the status quo and encourage creative out-of-the-box thinking mixed with pragmatic business judgment.

Aetna Insurance

Aetna Insurance brought in jazz bassist Michael Gold and his ensemble to teach improvisation.

  Lessons from Business Legends successful innovation process




To evolve BP into an adaptive organization, John Browne decided to raise the creative tension. He deliberately moved the organization to a situation that was at the edge of chaos. That is, the point at which a natural equilibrium is found between chaos and order, comparable to the conditions in the evolving natural world.






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