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Business case development is a step companies use for project selection. It analyzes how fulfilling the business case for the project will help to implement the Corporate Strategy and sustain the   competitive advantage of the company.

The business case can further be developed into the business plan with the addition of more details. You can convert the business case to action steps and major milestones in order to develop a plan that will guide your venture through the entire project lifecycle, including that of the project outcome.


Entrepreneurial simulation game
can strengthen key parts of the business case of an innovation project, especially a radical innovation project, significantly.

Examples  >>  NPD Co.    Mars

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Market, Customers, and Competition

Market analysis. Innoball helps to spot more trends; identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis) far beyond a Plan B, C, or D; create stronger market segmentation; and ultimately define market trends and critical success factors far better.

Customer. Innoball helps to create more customer needs and more customers.

Competition. Innoball helps to identify more direct, indirect and new competitors, anticipate their countermoves and invent winning contingency plans and competitive strategies.





Cost-Benefit Analysis

Innoball helps to develop a stronger revenue model and profit generation strategies, and to prepare a more realistic financial analysis. The simulation game helps also to reduce assumptions about financial model, market, competition, technology and business environment.

Sensitivity, Risks, and Contingencies

Innoball helps to discover new critical factors and their influence on the results of the venture, identify and manage risks, develop effective contingency plans, anticipate challenges and turn challenges to business opportunities.




Radical Change Management prepare to win Innoball simulation game Vadim Kotelnikov

a radical innovation / change / entrepreneurial project without playing Innoball
is like starting a football game
naively believing th
at the opposing team does not exist.

You must prepare to win!