Strategic Management



Impediments to Strategy Implementation
Why Strategy Implementation Is So Difficult


Andrew Spanyi




Strategy implementation skills are not easily mastered, unfortunately. In fact, virtually all managers find implementation the most difficult aspect of their jobs more difficult than strategic analysis or strategy formulation.



U.S. managers spend $ billions annually on strategic analysis and strategy formulation. Managers themselves report that less than half the plans resulting from these efforts are ever implemented.

Outside observers put the success rate even lower: less than 10%.

Strategy Implementation Some Factors Impeding Strategy Implementation Functional Mindset STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION: Success Rates and Major Impediments



Strategies that are not implemented constitute little more than academic exercises. The ability to implement strategies is one of the most valuable of all managerial skills.


Business Systems Approach to Strategy Implementation



Managers intent on implementing strategy must:

① master systems thinking to be able to coordinate a broad range of interconnected efforts aimed at transforming intentions into action, and

② take care of the factors impeding strategy implementation, especially functional mindset.