Trend versus Fad

Fad is very visible, but is goes up and down in a big hurry.

A trend is almost invisible, but it's very powerful over the long term.




How To Become a Master Trend-Spotter

Adopt an open-minded attitude, keep your mind open to unexpected discoveries

▪ Understand the drivers of change

Develop your anticipation and intellectual scouting forward skills

▪ Understand the drivers of change





DOs and DON'Ts of Working with Trends

Do strive to be the first to spot trends − the ability to spot trends before others is vital if you want to think faster and thus be ahead of your competition.

Do stay close to your customers to have better chances to predict the future correctly.

Do visualize the future and make a contrastive analysis.

Do ask questions about the market place relentlessly: What radical innovations have been developed? How customer needs are changing? What is causing the changes? What new entrepreneurial opportunities emerged?

Don't jump to conclusions about how far a trend will go.

Don't measure future by the past, don't assume that the future will be a replay of the present.





Trend Watching vs. Traditional Market Research

While you cannot predict the future, you can get a handle on trends, which is a way to take advantage of change and convert risks into opportunities. Spotting and tracking trends can be a very useful tool in dealing with unpredictable future... More




Philip H. Knight quotes

You’ve got to worry about what’s coming up to stay ahead of the curve.

Philip H. Knight


IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

Learn from noncompetitive industries. Knowing the start of the art or the soon-to-be state of the art in one industry can give you a jump in your chosen field.  >>>

Tom Kelley



Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

The surest way to spot trends and anticipate the future is to create them.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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