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Making it BIG is about being a disruptive force and a game changer in your target market.

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Radical Innovation levels: Breakthrough innovation, Disruptive innovations, Game-changers  

Radical innovation, concerned with exploration of inventions and new technology, is fundamentally different from incremental innovation.




High-risk-high-return radical innovation projects are characterized by much higher levels of uncertainties and require quite different leadership skills.  >>>



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3 levels of Radical Innovation

Breakthrough innovation delivers a creative radical solution to a challenging problem.

Disruptive innovation creates a new big market niche.

Game-changing innovation transforms the market and the society.


Market Leader

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Competitive Advantage

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INNOBALL Innovation Brainball entrepreneurial simulation game by Vadim Kotelnikov

Innovation Brainball entrepreneurial simulation game
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  INNOBALL - innovation foodball, brainball - how to create change successfully



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Miss Innovation World
award winner

Ksenya Kotelnikova

 tells her story of a successful draft build around a radical innovation








Radical innovations help a company to stand out from the competition, enable rapid growth, and create high return on investment.  

Radical innovation creates such a dramatic change in processes, products, or services that they transform existing markets or industries, or create new ones.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes innovators succeed by breaking rules, managers succeed by following rules



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A radical innovator attitude helped me launch a civilizational breakthrough and to build Innompic Games as a trend setter and the World's #1 in target areas.



Innompic Games

Planet of Loving Creators mega-innovation Innompic Games radical innovation example

Trend Setter trendsetter Innompic Games

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Innompic Games (IG)
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IG are World #1 love games
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Innompic Games is a global trend setter in target areas.

Innompic Games pioneered many exciting things including Creation Show, Spoken Innovation, Learning 20-60-20, and sMusical-Inn.




Innompic Gamesintellectual Olympics for innovators are a unique example of all-in-one levels of radical innovation ‒  breakthrough, disruptive, and game-changing innovation.

Breakthrough innovation
Innompics are a civilizational breakthrough and THE SOLUTION to 7 global challenges.

Disruptive innovation
Innompic Games create new trends, a huge highly beneficial market niche and global impact for centuries ahead.

Game-changing innovation
Innompics are new games for the new world. Olympics are for athletes, Innompics are for radical innovators, people who change the World.



Presentation of Innompic contests by the Founder

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HBS Definition

According to Harvard Business School, "Radical innovation is a product, process, or service with either unprecedented performance features or familiar features that offer potential for significant improvement in performance and cost."

Distinctive Features of Radical Innovation Projects

produce an entirely new set of performance features


produce improvements in known performance features of five times or greater


produce a significant (30% or greater) reduction in cost


Radical Project Management (RPM)

Fuzzy Front End

Project Leader Skills

Business Model

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