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Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompic Games are a civilizational breakthrough that turns the Earth to a Planet of Loving Creators

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Revolutionary Mega-Innovation

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Innompic Games differentiated against
Olympic Games, social networks, hackathons, shows





Intellectual 'brother' of Olympic Games




SpIn Games Innompis is an intellectual brother of Olympics motto smarter brighter worthier  

Olympic Games
focus on showcasing physical capabilities.

Innompic Games
focus on showcasing intellectual capabilities
aimed at creation of innovative value for others.




Olympic Games let spectators watch how athletes perform.

Innompic Games help millions of spectators become “intellectual athletes” by learning from others and participating in various special contests for spectators.







Innompic Games is a civilizational breakthrough.

It's not just a Blue-Ocean startup, it's a Blue-Planet venture.

Innompics are to turn the Earth to a Planet of Loving Creators.





Innompic Games vs. Hackathons





Hackathons are aimed at inventing something new.

Innompic contests start with an invention as well, but they go beyond that and simulate development of  a high-growth venture based on that invention.

  Innompic Games Innovation Process A-Z/360




Innompic Games vs. performance shows





Innompic Games are also a show, but they're not about just talking, they are about creating.

It is a
Creation Show
that helps both performers and spectator grow as creative innopreneurs.

  Innompic Games creation show




e-Innompics vs. traditional social networks





This is how our two-dimensional social networks –
e-Innompics and Fun4Biz – that help people both grow and socialize are differentiated from traditional social networks that help people socialize only.

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And last, but not least:

Innompic Anthem





The song

"I Have a Difference To Make!"
 is a key brand attribute of the Innompic Planet of Loving Creators and a powerful differentiator.




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Holistic Business Design of Innompics

Radical Mega-Innovation

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Vadim Kotelnikov


Be Entrepreneurial, Make A Difference!

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