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How To Survive in the Era of Hypercompetition

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"Don't forget that it (your product or service) is not differentiated until the customer understands the difference." ~ Tom Peters

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Why New Products Fail?

10 Commandments of Innovation


Three Parts of Your Differentiation Strategy3

  1. Positioning: Have a simple idea that separates you from your competition

  2. Trust Building: Have the credentials or the product/service that makes this concept real and believable

  3. Awareness Creation: Build a program to make your customers and prospects aware of this difference


Two Basic Ways to Compete and Prosper in Any Market

  1. To have a strong differentiation strategy

  2. To be a low-cost producer

If you aren't different, you must have low prices. If you have high prices, you must be different!

Your Logo

Your logo should be:

  1. simple

  2. distinctive

  3. intuitive

See sample: Logo of the Ten3 Business e-Coach - Design Secrets

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

  1. Create differentiation

  2. Focus on the Moment of Truth

  3. Good, Better, and Best... More

Competitive Strategies: 2 Types


Customers for Life

By: Brian Tracy

The two most important words to keep in mind in developing a successful customer base are Positioning and Differentiation.

Differentiation refers to your ability to separate yourself and your product or service from that of your competitors. And it is the key to building and maintaining a competitive advantage. This is the advantage that you and your company have over your competitors in the same marketplace the unique and special benefits that no one else can give your customer... More



Differentiation Strategy Defined

Your differentiation strategy is an integrated set of action designed to produce or deliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. It call for you to sell nonstandardized products to customers with unique needs.

Synergistic Selling; 3 Pillars

Why Differentiate?

The concept of being unique of different is far more important today than it was ten years ago. The key to successful marketing and competing is differentiation.

Hypercompetition and over-communication are key features of the new economy. What used to be national markets with local companies competing for business has become a global market with everyone competing for everyone's business everywhere. With the enormous competition markets today are driven by choice - your targeted customers have too many choices, all of which can be fulfilled instantly. Choosing among multiple options is always based on differences, implicit or explicit, so you ought to differentiate in order to give the customer a reason to chose your product or service. Thus, "differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. It is not discretionary".1

Buzz Marketing

Make the Competition Irrelevant

By: John Mehrmann

Create differentiation within your own products or services. If you have an assortment of products or services to offer, you may have identified your differentiation already. Common examples of differentiation for products may be based on size, speed, color, components, combinations or accessories. Common examples of differentiation for services include speed, performance, quality, responsiveness, availability, ease or integration. If you are in the unique position of having only one product or service to offer potential customers then you should consider accessories, partners or other options to create a variety of levels from the perspective of your future customers. If all else fails, you can offer different levels of shipping speed or delivery... More

Blue Ocean Strategy: 6 Principles

Blue Ocean Strategy is about revolutionary value innovation.

Yin and Yang of Value Innovation

The six principles drive the successful formulation and execution of Blue Ocean Strategy. These principles attenuate the six risks... More

Keys To Branding Your Growing Business

By: Jay Lipe

Logo: Your company's symbol A logo is a distinctive symbol or mark that visually represents your company. To get one that passes muster with the quality police, I recommend hiring a design firm. Because your logo is one of the first visual brand elements your buyers see, put some time and money into it. If your logo will appear on fax cover sheets, fax it to yourself. If it will appear on billboards, enlarge it to 5 feet and see what it looks like (don't laugh, I actually did this for a client). Put your logo through the quality checking paces before you use it. You will be glad you did... More

 Case in Point  Ten3 Business e-Coach

We invented business e-coaching in 2001. By 2005, we had customers in 75 countries due to the innovative value the e-Coach creates for people for in life and business.

An artful differentiation strategy is an integral part of this success. Differentiating statements of the Ten3 Business e-Coach were designed to connect to different types of people sensors, intuiters, thinkers, and feelers.

The logo of the Ten3 Business e-Coach, a core component of  the Ten3 branding and differentiation strategy, was designed to meet the following criteria:

  • reflect the spirit of the Business e-Coach

  • be symbolic and intuitive

  • be distinctive

  • catch eye

  • stay in memory

  • connect to different cultures

  • be adaptable...More

 Case in Point  Ten3 Design for Ten3 Licensed Trainers

We at Ten3 Business e-Coach and Ten3 Design help our Licensed Trainers to be different. Ten3 Design uses inspirational ideas from Ten3 Business e-Coach to create a choice of Wisdom, Happiness, and Leadership products. Our Licensed Trainers can buy these branded inspirational products in our online shop for their clients as memorable handouts. The products are cheap, the impact is deep. See sample products below:

By the way, "The products are cheap. The impact is deep" and "Wisdom and Fun come together!" are two differentiating slogans of Ten3 Design.

Market Leadership Strategies

The Market Leader is dominant in its industry and has substantial market share. If you want to lead the market, you must be the industry leader in developing new business models and new products or services. You must be on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative business processes. Your customer value proposition must offer a superior solution to a customers' problem, and your product must be well differentiated... More


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One of the methods to continue your career or business is to read the story of a business person you admire, Steve Jobs, Estee Lauder, Konosuke Matsushita, Coco Chanel, Michael Dell, or Bill Gates, or motivational books to inspire and offer different perspective and possibilities.



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