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Marketing Strategy

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"Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills."  ~ Al Ries



Strategic Innovation

7 Dimensions

  1. Consumer / Customer Insight understanding articulated and unarticulated needs... More


The Tao of Marketing and Selling

  1. YIN (passive, accepting side). Outside-In: going inward to create your internal Core Marketing Message, knowing your customer; listening to the customer, responding to what customers say they need and want and tailoring your solutions to their needs.

  2. YANG (active, aggressive side). Inside-Out: making your customer know about you; developing and presenting your customer value proposition; exceeding customer expectations; creating new market niches and a need for a radically new product.

The Four Ps of Marketing Strategies

  1. Product strategies

    Create Customer Value: 10 Matsushita Lessons

  2. Pricing strategies

10 Commandments for Building a Growing Business

  • The Customer is King. Define the business of the enterprise in terms of what is to be bought, precisely by whom, and why. Avoid disaster by testing the market prior to development of a product... More


SWOT Analysis: Questions To Answer

  • What do you offer that makes you stand out from the rest?

  • Do you have any specific marketing expertise?... More

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is essentially a pattern or plan that integrates your organization's major goals, policies, and action sequences in a cohesive whole to achieve customer success.

Marketing strategies are generally concerned with four Ps: product strategies, pricing strategies, promotional strategies, and placement strategies.

The focus of marketing strategies must the objectives to be achieved not the process of planning itself.

Market Leadership Strategies

The market leader is dominant in its industry and has substantial market share. If you want to lead the market, you must be the industry leader in developing new business models and new customer value. You must be on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative business processes. Your customer value proposition must offer a superior solution to a customers' problem, and your product must be well differentiated... More

Modern Customer-based Relationship Approach

In today's customer-driven economy, corporations must move from product-based campaign marketing to a customer-based relationship approach. Customer relationship management is the management of customer communication over a relationship continuum. It includes relationship strategy and multi-channel relationship programs that produce both business value and customer experiences on a scale not seen in traditional marketing.7... More

Competitive Strategies

To be successful today, your company must become competitor-oriented. You must pursue the right competitive strategy avoid strengths of your competitors and look for weak points in their positions and then launch marketing attacks against those weak points.3... More

Differentiation Strategy

The key to successful marketing is differentiation. "If consumers don't perceive your brand(s) as being different from those offered by the competition, you won't win the marketing war. The battle for consumer minds is a battle of perceptions not products."2 Thus, "differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. It is not discretionary."1... More

Keys To Branding Your Business

By: Jay Lipe

Shaping your brand image: To start, consider first the personality of your company. Is it sexy or sweet? Tough or tender? Is it more like John Wayne or George Clooney or Andy Griffith? And if you think all this is hooey, consider these questions: Do Marlboros really taste better than other cigarettes? Is H&R Block superior to the tax accountant down the street? No, but a big reason these companies are leaders is because they have successfully built a personality around their brands... More

Test Marketing Your New Products or Service

How do you test market a new product or service? How do you find out if people are actually going to buy it? First, make or get a prototype. Create or get a sample. If it's being manufactured somewhere else, get a sample of it. If you're going to manufacture it yourself, create a prototype so that you can show it, demonstrate it, photograph it. So that you can let people see it, touch it, feel it, and get an opinion from it... More


Three Generic Business and Marketing Strategies...

Understanding What Motivates People...

Right Timing...

Spotting Trends versus Traditional Market Research...

Experiential Marketing...

The Tao of  Distribution Management...

22 Laws of Marketing: The Law of Heart (Emotion)...

Sustaining Market Demand for Your Product...

The Best Technique to Win the Customer Over...

Marketing & Selling Strategy at Different Growth Stages...

Understanding Risks Perceived by Customers...

Define Your Internal Core Marketing Message (CMM)...

Three R's of Marketing...

Apply 80/20 Principle...

"When" Is a New "What"

Three Stages of the Marketing Process...

Five Components of Marketing...

Get the Most Out Of Information Technology Tools...

Learning from Successes and Failures...

Two Main Ways to Grow Revenue...

Credibility Marketing...

Customer Intimacy...

Listening to Your Customer...

Experiential Marketing...

Emotional Marketing...

Sales Forecast Worksheet...

10 Commandments of Power Positioning...

 Case in Point  Jacuzzi...








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