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Trailored Marketing Strategies - customer need based



The Four Ps of Marketing Strategies

  1. Product strategies

Selling Is Problem Solving

Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

"Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing.
Everything else is the Catskills." ~ Al Ries


Generic Business and Marketing Strategies

By Michael Porter4

  1. A Cost Leadership Strategy

  2. A Differentiation Strategy

  3. A Focus Strategy... More

Knowing Customers

Top 10 Subconscious Values

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy

Understanding Risks Perceived by Customers

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Marketing Mix

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)    Core Marketing Message

3 Generic Business and Marketing Strategies

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4Ps of Marketing Strategy    22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

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Marketing To the Subconscious

Experiential Marketing    Relationship Marketing

Empathetic Marketing

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ICT-powered Marketing

Internet Marketing

How To Promote Your Website

Customer-focused Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)

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Affiliate Marketing

Ad Targeting

How To Create Amazingly Seductive Offers

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Advertising Slogans

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Color Psychology in Marketing and Branding

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Differentiation Strategy

Differentiating Ideas    4 Steps

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Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

Differentiating With Different Types of People


Brand Management

Advantages of Strong Brands  >> Good Practices

Strategic Brand Management    Brand Equity

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Marketing Plan in the New Economy

Marketing Plan Primer    Sales Forecast Worksheet

Test Marketing Your New Products or Service


Strategies of Market Leaders

New-to-the-World Product Development    Radical Innovation

New Business Models

Creating Customers


Succeeding Online

Create Greater Value Online

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Customer Care

Customer Value Creation

A Drop that Grew Larger than the Ocean

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What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is essentially a pattern or plan that integrates your organization's major goals, policies, and action sequences in a cohesive whole.

Great Slogan: WOW Principle and 7 Features

Marketing strategies are generally concerned with four Ps: product strategies, pricing strategies, promotional strategies, and placement strategies.

The focus of marketing strategies must the objectives to be achieved not the process of planning itself.


Online Marketing Strategies

The Tree of Online Success

Internet marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a company, product or service online. Internet marketing strategies are aimed at enhancing your brand power, attracting more website visitors and increasing customers for your business ... More

Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips 

Market Dominance Strategies

Market dominance strategies are marketing strategies which classify your business by reference to your market share or dominance of an industry.  In defining market dominance, you must see to what extent your offerings control a product category in a given geographic area... More

Question and Test Everything

Before you make decisions, ask questions. Assumptions are often dangerous. Don't be afraid of offending experts including yourself by questioning their logic. The true experts will appreciate your questions. A marketing strategy that you tested and proved to work a while ago may be a complete failure today. The competitive environment and customer perceptions and needs change very fast today. So, question everything, reassess your past decisions.

Modern Customer-based Relationship Approach

In today's customer-driven economy, corporations must move from product-based campaign marketing to a customer-based relationship approach. Customer relationship management is the management of customer communication over a relationship continuum. It includes relationship strategy and multi-channel relationship programs that produce both business value and customer experiences on a scale not seen in traditional marketing.7... More

Right Timing

One often-overlooked aspect of marketing strategy is timing. Choosing the best time each element of your strategy is often critical. Taking the right action in the wrong time can as bad as taking the wrong action in the right time. Therefore, being an essential part of any plan, timing should normally appear as a schedule of planned activities.5

Competitive Strategy

To be successful today, your company must become competitor-oriented. You must pursue the right competitive strategy avoid strengths of your competitors and look for weak points in their positions and then launch marketing attacks against those weak points.3... More

Differentiation Strategy

The key to successful marketing is differentiation. "If consumers don't perceive your brand(s) as being different from those offered by the competition, you won't win the marketing war. The battle for consumer minds is a battle of perceptions not products."2 Thus, "differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. It is not discretionary."1... More

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a word-of-mouth about your brand. Buzz travels in invisible networks. It's the aggregate of all informal communication about your particular product, service, or company at any point of time.

To benefit from buzz marketing, design your product and marketing activities in such a way that it will give people an opportunity to talk about your product or service. They don't necessarily need to recommend your business they just need to mention it in their conversations... More

Understand What Makes People Buy

Understanding what motivates people in real-life situations is the key to designing successful marketing strategies and selling skills. You have to find out what turns consumers on and makes them buy... More 

Spotting Trends versus Traditional Market Research

As product life-cycles are shortening at an immense rate, traditional market research  both quantitative and qualitative can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. It is good at measuring the past and present. Besides, "traditional research has the drawback of relying on what consumers say, which is sometimes different from what they actually do in real life. People don't know what they will do until they face an actual decision," says Jack Trout.

The most profitable thing to ride in marketing is a long-term trend. The ability to spot trends before others is vital if you want to think faster and thus be ahead of your competition. It can be a very useful tool in dealing with unpredictable future.

Sustaining Market Demand for Your Product

One way to maintain a long-term demand for your product or service is never totally satisfy the demand. People love and desire authenticity and scarcity, because there are too many products and services that are similar. But dampening the fad, you can stretch the fad out and it may become more like a trend. Remaining relevant to the customers is the key.

The Tao of  Distribution Management

As a supplier, you should not try to force your distributor into the pre-specified modes of operation that you deem as most appropriate.  Rather, you should facilitate the desired activities of your distributor, in a high-trust atmosphere.  This is the most effective and most efficient way of achieving the absolute requirements of the today's global economy: customer intimacy and "quality at low cost".

Case Studies Jacuzzi

"In the 1950s the Jacuzzi brothers invented a whirlpool bath to treat people with arthritis. Although the product worked, it was a sales flop. Very few people in the target market, sufferers from arthritis, could afford the expensive bath. So the idea languished until they tried relaunching the same product for a different market as a luxury item for the wealthy. It became a big success."6






80/20 Principle of Marketing

Marketing should focus on providing a stunning service in 20% of the existing products/services that generate 80% of fully costed profits. It should devote extraordinary endeavor towards retaining 20% of customers  who provide 80% of the firm's profits... More



Be a Helper

Customer Partnership








Set Godin advice

In a busy marketplace,

not standing out Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book is the same as

being invisible.

Set Godin



Creative Marketing: Stand from the Crowd, emfographic



Virtuoso Marketing



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