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Types of Slogans

  • Corporate slogan shapes your corporate image and is used for extended periods.

  • Marketing slogan is used to capture the attention of your targeted audience during the product lifetime.

  • Advertising slogans are short, memorable group of words used to draw attention to one distinctive feature you want to be remembered by.

Creating a Great Slogan

WOW principle

What value you create for your target audience

Outstanding feature of your business/product

Why people should choose you; your competitive advantage

Kore 10 Tips for Creating a Great Slogan

Identification. A good slogan must stay consistent with your brand name either obviously stated or strongly implied. It should uniquely describe your brand and its purpose... More



Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Contextual Value Proposition

Advertising Slogans

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Sell Benefits    Selling Is Problem Solving

Advertising Slogans

Apples    Fun4Biz    Avis

Differentiation Strategies

Differentiating Ideas    4 Steps    Differentiation Psychology

Name >> Protect    Core Marketing Message (CMM)

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Strategic Brand Management    Brand Equity  >> Good Practices


KoRe 10 Tips

10 Commandments


Innompic Blitz Contests >> Slogan

14 TQM Slogans at Pentel


The Importance of Slogans

A great slogan is a key to business success because people only trust the things to which they can relate. 

Slogans are the first impressions for many potential consumers. Slogans are used to convey a powerful message about your company, product, service or cause that it is representing. The goal of your corporate slogan to summarize the vision  and mission of your brand in a way that sticks in the head.



Desired Impact

Coupled with your brand name and logo, your slogan should be memorable and create powerful associations with your company, brand or product it is representing. Slogans should catch the audience’s attention and emotions, visually expresses the importance and benefits of your product, affect the way consumers view your product compared to others, and influence their purchasing decisions.


A tagline is a memorable phrase that makes a company or a product known and reinforces it in the consumers’ memories. Taglines lead people closer to the message and to the essence of the brand.

While slogans are social expressions that inform and draw the attention of consumers to what the company or the product is all about, taglines are to create a lasting dramatic effect in an audience’ memory and give a product or company prominence and distinction over the competition.

Business e-Coach Business e-Coach

The slogan 'We don't teach, we inspire' differentiates Business e-Coach from traditional educational resources.  >>>

Business e-Coach Innompics

The slogan 'Play at home, shine globally' differentiates Innompics ‒ Olympic web games for innovators ‒ from traditional venue-tied Olympic games.  >>>

Best Slogan Contest

Creation of a winning slogan is also one of the Innompic contests. Innovation teams must  invent a new product first and then create a product vision, given the product an appealing name, and create a great slogan >>>



Business e-Coach CimJoy

The slogan of the value-added social network Cimjoy is  'Smart and joyful e-World'.

The extended version of the slogan: 'Smart and joyful e-World ‒ let your talents unfold!' 

Learn from Others

Learn from your competitors – analyze their slogans.



Involve your audience. Put yourself in your audience’s or potential customers' shoes. Ask for feedback, involve people and help them feel great about themselves and shine. For instance, you can ask people which single word do they think best describes your dream services. Select the most important words and award the winners.



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