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Creating Greater Value Online

A Drop that grew larger than the Ocean

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e-Coach: 10 Success Lessons

Market Segmentation by Business e-Coach

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Smart and joyful e-world
‒ let your talents unfold!

Value Mantra

Learn  Grow  Rejoice


CimJoy is a new-generation social network. It is a smart and joyful e-world that helps its inhabitants pursue their passions, unfold their talents, build various Internet-powered arts and skills, become solo interpreneurs and, ultimately, succeed online and turn a dream to reality.

Value Mantra: Learn  Grow  Rejoice

The value mantra "Learn Grow Rejoice" is a deeply resonant piece of CimJoy's DNA and a core guiding principle for making strategic decisions and keeping the venture on course.


Smart and joyful e-world

Extended version:

Smart and joyful e-world ‒
Let your talents unfold!

The CimJoy Guiding Principles

Partner Websites and Internet Resources

CimJoy is is spinoff of a number of other Internet-resources developed by its founders.

Success 360 e-Coach

Success 360 e-Coach is a unique and free online source of inspiration and empowerment that helps people and companies achieve balanced success in life and business.

Cimcoin is life-changing technology for both financial and non-financial applications. This powerful tool enables safe and convenient personal identification, authentication of digital images, transactions, crowdfunding and social investments.

CimWave - Internet-shop of cheap innovative products

CimWave is a Cimcoin-powered Internet-shop of cheap innovative products


eRaritet ‒ a Cimcoin-powered application enabling creation of and investment in digital raritets

Fun4Biz - social network for creative achievers

Fun4Biz  is a social networks for creative achievers. Fun4Biz runs non-stop entrepreneurial creativity contests and helps its members build their inventiveness, thinking abilities and creative skills, be witty and shine globally.

Innompic Games are Olympics for innovators ‒ new intellectual Internet-games for the new World >>>



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