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Smart and joyful e-world
‒ let your talents unfold!

Value Mantra

Learn  Grow  Rejoice


Case Studies CimJoy Guiding Principles

❶  Focus on value creation

We build a smart and joyful e-world that helps people pursue their passions, unfold their talents, collaborate and make a difference.  Our value mantra "Learn Grow Rejoice" is a deeply resonant piece of CimJoy's DNA and a core guiding principle for making strategic decisions and keeping our ship on course.

❷  Helping people grow

We help people find inspiration, learn, grow, develop and showcase their creative talents. The inspirational environment of CimJoy helps people build their entrepreneurial creativity and  confidence.

❸  Facilitating life-business synergy

We help people turn their true passion into an exciting internet business that both creates value for others and generates revenue. We help people cross-pollinate their ideas, initiate and sustain creative exchanges and build synergistic partnerships for life and business.

❹  Spreading joy

We make ideation, creation and collaboration processes fun. We also create an environment that helps people spread joy and happiness.

❺  Inclusivity

We strive to create an empowering e-World where people of all ages from various cultures could satisfy their needs, socialize, build relationships, find inspiration and opportunities for life and business.

❻  Social responsibility

Being social entrepreneurs ourselves, we facilitate and empower  social initiatives, social entrepreneurship and social investments. Specifically, we help physically challenged kids, teens and adults become solo interpreneurs and build a new more fulfilling and joyful life.

❼  Safety and trust

We build a safe and trusted environment by developing advanced and easy-to-use technologies and solutions that help people protect their virtual identity, creative works, intellectual property, posessings,  and transactions.

❽  Relentless innovation

We develop and introduce both radical and incremental innovations in all areas of our business. We love all citizens of CimJoy and strive to amaze them with exciting and never-ending value Innovations.

❾  Continuous improvement

We encourage improvements in all areas of CimJoy activites. We nourish the continuous improvement mindset, constantly invite suggestions from CimJoy members and   apply the 80/20 Process to everything we do in order to get things better.

❿  Strategic flexibility

In today's rapidly changing world, we constantly search for new opportunitiesreassess our past strategic decisions and ask learning SWOT questions constantly to see what works best in the current environment and make corrective changes quickly.




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