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Prepared by David Hood, member of CVCI Advisory Council



CVCI exists to provide a focus for those who accept the Value Creation imperative, providing a community of like-minded individuals and organizations where experiences, information and insights can be shared.

CVCI exists, too, to provide experiences, information and insights for those who are skeptical, not yet convinced of the Customer-centric imperative.

In both of the above categories, CVCI welcomes practitioners and academics, individuals and enterprises, those who are just starting out in the world of work and those who have already spent years in the old dispensation. For all members and sponsors, CVCI is a place where all manner of communication channels are provided to create dialogue, debate and learning.

Value Creation is the key 21st century driver of success in business and commerce. But it is a young discipline. We all have much to learn. And, because globalization and technological advances are happening so fast, the learning requirements are dynamic and ongoing.

Examples of Guiding Principles

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Customer Value Creation

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