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Customer Value Creation International (CVCI) is a nonprofit devoted to the advancement of companies and organizations to transform their organizations and have a customer centric management practices by creating value for their customers.

The Tree of Business Success

In CVCI Digital Strategy, the role of social media cannot be ignored in terms of driving awareness at a scale that is unachievable through other more traditional marketing mediums. It also has a significant role and impact on search engine rankings and the ability to drive traffic to the CVCI website. However, to succeed with a B2B social media marketing does require commitment and a clear strategy to ensure it is both manageable and effective at fulfilling its potential. This strategy will include specific social media strategy objectives based on number of followers, likes, shares etc.

Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips

The initial consideration is in terms of which social media sites to include as part of the overall CVCI social media strategy. A consideration of the respective benefits of various ssocial media channels and networks is given below;


90 percent of B2B marketing professionals distribute content on Linkedin


  • Develop a branded LinkedIn CVCI company page.

  • Use image uploads to increase visual impact of the Linkedin page

  • Post CVCI updates, including links to blog posts, press releases, events, awards and other news.

  • Ask your Advisory Board and members to share what is posted on the CVCI page with their connections... More tips and best practices


85% of B2B marketing professionals distribute content on Twitter.


  • Requires a CVCI twitter account under a relevant name and a branded twitter page.

  • Post updates about CVCI and share content & links to content specific or related to Customer Value Creation that you and others create that will help your target audience, clients and customers.

  • Define a list of preferred hashtags for CVCI content aimed at making it easier for CVCI content to be found and filtered on Twitter

  • Active sharing and “favouriting” of sourced content from influencers and CVCI membership base should be a daily activity where that content is relevant to the CVCI core interests


An advantage of using Slideshare is that you don’t need to be accepted as a friend of connection to see content so is a more open source approach to social media.


  • Post slide decks about CVCI and content from presentations at workshop events etc.

  • Where relevant, it is useful to add a narrative to the slides to ensure viewers get the best understanding about slide content and the messages being delivered.


Though considered a lower priority social media platform for B2B, Facebook should not be ignored as part of the overall social media strategy. It should be seen as complementary to other social media platforms but ideally serve a distinct purpose. A Facebook site for CVCI could be used as an effective tool to show a more human side of CVCI with content being more about CVCI as an organization than as a means to promote and distribute blog links, whitepapers etc.


  • Creation of a branded CVCI FB

  • Suggested content: Updates on new members, events, speeches, information on advisory board, their home cities etc.


Search engines dominate first phase research. 72% of product research for a future business purchase begins on Google. This means participating on Google+ is increasingly becoming a priority due to its ability to positively affect search rankings.


  • Establish a CVCI community. The CVCI page should be branded and can be run as either a closed or open community

  • The more CVCI post fresh content the more this content will get indexed by Google and then show up in search results.

  • Aim should be to post new content 2-3 times per week

  • Manually posting the link to this content by copying and pasting it into the status update area of the CVCI page will populate the image and "do follow" link for the content being shared

  • This manual linking will get a proper link credit for the content that will directly improve CVCI SEO.

  • As with Twitter, it is advisable to add key influencers* to the CVCI Google+ circles and join their circles also. Influencer’s relevant Google+ content should be +1’d and shared also.

  • The Google+ Events feature allows Google+ users to send out customized invitations to anyone regardless of whether they are Google+ users. It syncs beautifully with Google Calendar and shows up automatically when a user confirms for an event. In addition to sending out invites to webinars, tradeshows, work functions, parties, etc., Google Events can also send out invites for Google+ Hangouts. CVCI event participants can also be invited to a Google+ Hangout discussing highlights of the event. Schedule individual times for discussion or have your Hangout open the entire day.

  • Google+ Hangouts can also be used for other discussion groups scheduled against a CVCI discussion calendar


A recent study by B2B Marketing found that the top three social networks for B2B marketing are Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This study places YouTube ahead of Facebook for B2B.


  • Use of Youtube for CVCI videos, interviews, best practice, event coverage

  • Recommendation would be to create a Customer Value Creation channel

  • Embed the CVCI video content on the CVCI website or landing page.


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