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Excite your employees, amaze your customers, and astonish your competitors to win the battle in the marketplace!

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"Out of the box" strategies can make wonders and help you achieve explosive growth.

Radical Innovation

Disruptive Strategist

Venture Strategies

Competitive Disruption

Inspiring Culture

Surprise Your Customers




Carl von Clausewitz quotes

The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.

Carl von Clausewitz



To create and grow a truly dedicated and inspired customer base and build customer loyalty, you must go far beyond merely satisfying your customers. You must keep coming up with innovative ways to surprise and delight them.

To add special "BIG things" that will help you to stand out from your competitors, you should.

Lessons from Business Legends

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KoRe 10 Strategies
to win the battle in the marketplace






Amaze and Please Your Customers





To become a market leader, develop market dominance strategies, deliver more than you promised,  go beyond and above customer expectation package the expected and unexpected to succeed.


Stand Out

Competitive Disruption




Send your customers and prospects surprise gifts; spread the love around; reward your best customers via a surprise; take care of even your most casual customers to create amazing customer experience and turn them into loyal shoppers.

Develop virtuoso marketing strategies, focus on emotional drivers, invent creative marketing programs.

Marketing Rainbow

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Focus on customer-driven value innovation every day! Be unique in your approach to creating and delivering customer value to stand out from the competition. Customers like uniqueness, and they will view their relationship with your business as a special, rewarding one.


Innovation is Love

Synergistic Marketing

Surprise Customers to Retain Them





Astonish and Awe Your Competitors





To win, develop sound competitive strategies, the ability to surprise and move quickly to create competitive disruption; practice OODA Observe-Orient-Decide-Act.


Competitive Disruption

Ask Learning SWOT Questions




Change the name of the game by introducing radical innovations and developing new-to-the-world products.

Innovation Process A-Z/360

⑦ Search for opportunities everywhere and pursue them with speed.

Entrepreneurial Organization

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⑧ Initially, stay beneath the radar of your competitors; then emerge unexpectedly and keep accelerating the pace of change as your competitors weaken.


Radical Project Management (RPM)

Rapid Experimentation





Excite and Enthuse You Employees





⑨ Create an inspiring corporate culture; turn your business cause into a crusade, make business fun; give surprise rewards.

Growth 10+ is People 10+

⑩  Be different being unique in your business aspirations and approaches is a great reward for your employees who want to make a difference.

  Benefits of innovation innovators create new markets be the first


Vadim Kotelnikov

A GREAT BUSINESS inspires employees by amazing opportunities and customers by exciting products.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo Vadim

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