What is Competitive Disruption

Competitive disruption is about changing markets remarkably and altering the established rules of competition.

A disruptive technology is a technology that destroys valuable capabilities and assets held by incumbents in an industry.

Vadim Kotelnikov innovation quotes innovators create new markets and harvest the benefits of being #1



Why Competitive Disruption




Vadim Kotelnikov innovation quotes: Managers succeed by following the rules. Innovators succeed by breaking the rules.  

Competitive disruption can help you:

Create Unfair Competitive Advantage

STAND OUT from the competition

Become remarkable

Enthuse employees

Shock competitors

Amaze customers

Become a market leader




Opportunities for Disruptive Innovators

Small, medium and large entrepreneurial companies can create a competitive disruption in many ways, for instance by introducing disruptive innovations, developing new-to-the-world products, or simply through strategic and consistent disruptive actions.

For instance, small innovative digital-first banks invent disruptive financial services and create new trends in the finance sector.


Competitive Strategies

Competitive Innovation

Venture Strategies



Disruptive Financial Services







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Spot trends and discover opportunities for disruption

Find radically new ways to amaze and delight customers  >>>

Create a vision for disruption

Synergize resources and distinctive capabilities necessary for disruption

Develop ability to think and move quickly

Develop ability to surprise your competitors and amaze prospective customers

Develop winning venture strategies and tactics aimed at development of disruptive value innovations and obtaining competitive advantage

Develop an outstanding business model for your disruptive value innovation

Encourage radical idea generation

Encourage  intrapreneurs to turn radical ideas to disruptive innovations  >>>

Manage a radical innovation project  >>>

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Create a new market niche and differentiate yourself from competitors

STAND OUT from your competition, launch a crusade

Market radical innovations and create customers

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Be #1

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