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Advantages of SMEs

To be successful in today's rapidly changing economy with its constantly emerging new technology / market opportunities, market shifts and competition threats, a company must stay close to its customers and be flexible, entrepreneurial, innovative and fast.

SMEs possess all these strengths as well as well as some other advantages.




Growth Categories of Entrepreneurial Firms

① Lifestyle firms    ② Middle-market firms    ③ High-potential firms



Creative and Innovative

Modern SMEs are learning and creative companies that change and adapt to suit their rapidly changing business environment. Innovation is their powerful tool. Doing new things or doing old things in new ways is how SMEs exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service.




Opportunity-driven Business Development

The opportunity-driven business development approach aims at increasing the effectiveness of a company through the pursuit of new business. Innovative high-growth SMEs go away from struggling in a mature industry.





ICT-Powered SMEs

ICT-powered SMEs Tech-savvy SMEs benefit a lot from being technology leaders. They outperform peers in sales, profits, employee satisfaction, and business growth. Leading SMEs adopt aggressively and employ the full range of available ICT tools from productivity software to Internet connectivity to cloud-based services. They stay ahead of mainstream ICT adoption and ride new waves of advancement to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and innovativeness. They connect better and faster with new customers and markets, and compete with much larger players.  >>>




Extended Enterprise

The notion of extended enterprise includes many different arrangements such as virtual integration, outsourcing, distribution agreements, collaborative marketing, R&D program partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, preferred suppliers, and customer partnership.




Customer Engagement

Online customer engagement is a new trend. Customer-focused corporate website, discussion forums or blogs, for example, are spaces where people can communicate and socialize in ways that cannot be replicated by any offline interactive medium. >>>