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Value Creation and Value Innovation

Information technology (IT) enables enterprises create a greater value for their customers. This includes improvement of existing products and/or services as well as creation of radically new customer value.

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Value Chain Innovation

Value innovation is the way to stay competitive.

Radical value innovation is a path to market leadership.

Value chain innovation is a key to greater productivity.


Efficient Effectiveness

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Virtual Integration

Vertical integration performs, virtual integration innovates. Virtual integration is an IT-powered form of value chain management. Under such a system, the links of the value chain are brought together by informal arrangements among suppliers and customers... More


Virtual Integration

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Connected Enterprise

Achieving the connected enterprise is an evolutionary process necessary to be competitive.

As part of a digital transformation, using a connected enterprise strategy allows a company to harmonize people, processes and technological operations while facilitating a deeper level of collaboration.

By using the Internet to integrate your value chain and share information beyond the edge of the enterprise with its offices, customers, suppliers and other value chain partners, you have the potential to streamline processes and increase profitability significantly... More



State-of-the-Art Value Chain


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Synergizing Similarities

Various technologies that were used separately can now be combined with the help of modern IT to produce a synergistic effect. For instance, modern IT allow you to make both online and offline business presentations more powerful by integrating videos and flash animations in a traditional PowerPoint presentation.


Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

5 Basic Elements










Customer Engagement

Start with engaging your employees. Employee engagement and customer engagement go hand in hand engaged customers are built by engaged employees. Engaged employees become brand ambassadors, reach out to customers using social media tools, close more deals, and contribute more to overall customer satisfaction... More


Customer Engagement

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Customer Experience Management


Customer Feedback





Cloud Computing

Unlike traditional software which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers generally price applications using a subscription fee. Another benefits is reduced IT support costs as hardware and software maintenance and support are outsourced to the SaaS provider.


Dedicated Servers

File Sharing

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Business Innovation: The Role of CIO

Today, there is a great need for IT to enable business innovation. An ideal CIO is not only accountable for IT function success and business process transformation, but also adopts a more proactive company-external focus and concentrates on using IT to drive innovation and strategic advantage in pursuit of stretch business goals. To work effectively with the rest of the organization and enable business innovation, CIO needs to develop an environment within the IT function that is conducive to innovation... More


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Digitalisation and Innovation







Combining Unusual

The vast majority of new ideas and innovations are not original but derived from something else. Most great ideas are synergistic combinations of other ideas. IT opened the doors to a new era of systemic innovation and creation of higher customer value.

By integrating IT in practically any traditional business in an unusual and innovative way Innoreneurs can create a radically new product or service and thus, a new profitable market niche with little competition.


Systemic Innovation

Example: Innompic Games

Technological Interdependence

Synergistic Innovation

Synergizing Diversities

Cross-functional Innovation Teams





Business Communication

There are various IT-powered methods of business communication and customer engagement, including e-mails, web-based communication, presentations, web conferencing, video conferencing, reports, forum boards, and suggestion boxes.


Customer Relationship Management

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