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Customer Experience Management (CXM)

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Improve all interactions with customers




Customer Experience Management, CXM approaches methods


Customer experience management starts with empathizing with customers during the design thinking stage and co-creation of value innovations in partnership with customers during the entire value creation journey.




Customer experience management (CXM) is the process that companies use to oversee, track and improve all interactions with a customer during the entire customer journey.

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Coaching by Example

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Towards Greater Customer Experience

Although most businesses state that they offer a "great customer experience," this contrasts with most customers expressing dissatisfaction with their experience. To meet the demands of providing an exceptional customer experience, companies must be able understand customers’ perception of value, deliver it consistently and improve continuously.

Example: CXM at a Furniture Shop


Love-driven Innovation

Innovation is Love

Service-Profit Chain

Customer Service as a Differentiator


Customer Feedback





Design Customer Experience Journey




Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story


 Start designing the customer experience journey with creation of a powerful first impression. Market your products empathetically. Sell outstanding benefits and solutions to customer problems. Build harmonious relationships with customers. Use win-win approach to resolve conflicts, if any. Strive to exceed customer expectations.




Inspire Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Be passionate about your customers, provide outstanding customer experience, surprise your customers and exceed their expectations to inspire world-of-mouth marketing.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Customer Service as a Differentiator







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Holistic Cross-functional Approach

Building great customer experience requires a holistic cross-functional approach, involving CEO commitment, business design, brand appeal, customer-focused value-creation culture, entrepreneurial strategies, integration of technology and continuous company-wide effort. Recognize CXM as the future of marketing, sales and customer service. Use this approach to adopt the mindset of the customer and anticipate customer needs. Play simulations games, like INNOBALL, with emerging challenges and opportunities not just to make a project more successful, but also to turn anticipation of new customer needs and creation customer-focused innovations into a winning habit.



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Optimizing Customer Experience

The aim of Customer Experience Management (CXM) is to ensure that customers are completely satisfied – or more than satisfied – in order to gain their loyalty and to turn them to repeat customers and brand ambassadors.

The interest in CXM is increasing because businesses are looking for competitive differentiation.[
To ensure CXM accuracy and to make the best use of it, the customer journey must be viewed from the actual perspective of customers, not the seller.
Two CXM Levels: Strategic and Transactional
At the strategic level, CXM depicts a business strategy designed to manage the customer experience, to give strategic benefits to both sellers and customers, and to increase the firm’s brand equity.
At the transactional level, CXM can be monitored through customer feedback, surveys, targeted studies, or observational studies. It captures responses of customers to their encounters with the brand or company that can be used to quantify the cost of inaction on customer experience issues.

Brand Ambassadors

The role of a word of mouth (WoM) form of marketing grew exponentially due to exponential growth of social media. You must amaze your existing customer and exceed their expectations to turn them to your brand ambassadors – opinion leaders who talk about their user / customer experience with great enthusiasm.







User Experience Design

For some soft creations, like websites or educational resources, user experience design is a continuous improvement journey... More

Make Online Payments Easy for Customers


Create Greater Value Online





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Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues >>>

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After-sales service is extremely important; it is through such service that you get permanent customers >>>

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It's our goal to know our customers' needs as well as or better than they do.

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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

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