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30 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita

Lessons from Panasonic's Founder: Corporate Management, Personnel Management, Customer Value Creation

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Corporate Management

10 Lessons

  1. Love your job if you wish to do it well... More


Personnel Management

10 Lessons

  1. People before products

  2. An employee is a “client"

  3. People are diamonds in the rough

  4. Provide direction and moral support

  5. Focus on people's strengths

  6. Trust your employees

  7. Consulting is better than ordering

  8. Keep a firm grip on loose reins

  9. Your subordinates are superior to you in various ways

  10. Be realistic about people


Creating Customer Value

10 Lessons

  1. The mission of the company is to enrich society... More

Corporate Management

Follow the Laws of Nature

Obey the laws of nature: this is the very core of Konosuke Matsushita’s business philosophy.

Successful business is ordinary, normal business, selling at a price that allows a fair margin or profit, collecting payment on time, and so on. Clever strategies and careful calculations may be important, but simple universal laws must always be observed.

The Tao of Business Success

Management Is Perpetual Creation

For Konosuke Matsushita, business was a creative activity; it was a process of producing something valuable out of nothing. You start with an idea for an enterprise. Then you hammer out a basic plan, raise the necessary capital, and put together the necessary facilities and equipment. Finally, you hire employees, develop a line of products, manufacture them, thereby making a contribution to society. Moreover, each area of management has its own mode of operation, and anyone hoping to succeed in business must be able to adapt those modes quickly to the constantly changing social and economic environment.

Entrepreneurial Leader: 4 Attributes

Don't Assume That Something Is “Impossible“

"We speak of the shortcomings of the purely intellectual approach, but this refers to our wariness of half-baked theories that can prevent us from proceeding to a practical solution,” said Matsushita. “If necessity is the mother of invention, then simple, unaffected determination is its father. Even when everyone around you say it's impossible, if you step back and rethink your task in the simplest possible terms, free of the noise of over-erudite and preconceived notions, often the solutions will come to you, out of the blue, so to speak."

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Creating Customer Value

Put the Customer First

As he built his company, Konosuke Matsushita never lost sight of the importance of putting the needs of his customers and the public first. Panasonic's vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of its business customers and millions of consumers around the world who use their products every day. By sharing their customers’ dream to live a fuller life, Panasonic provides ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances.

Customer Success 360

Personnel Management

People Are Diamonds in The Rough

Inspiring People

Right from the very early days of the company, Konosuke Matsushita put immense effort into personnel training and development. "However much you rub it," he reflected later, "you can't make a diamond from an ordinary stone. But if you have a diamond in the rough, you can draw out its gleam with careful polishing. And depending on how you polish it and cut it, you can make it sparkle and shine in various different ways. People are just like uncut diamonds; they each have the potential for various kinds of brilliance, qualities which, if polished right, will shine radiantly. It is very important for personnel managers to have a proper grasp of this concept, and to attempt to draw out the special strengths of each employee."

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