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Customer Retention

Drive Profits Through Giving Customers Lots of Reasons to Stay


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Love your customers, and they will love you back.  >>>


Benefits of Customer Retention


  • Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than satisfying and retaining current customers

  • A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%

  • The average company loses 10% of its customers each year

  • A 5% reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry

  • The customer profitability rate tends to increase over the life of a retained customer


Traditional Strategy versus Strategic Innovation

Traditional approaches

Strategic Innovation approach

Are technology-driven (seek consumer satisfaction)

Is consumer-inspired (seeks consumer delight)

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Customer Loyalty

Stand Out from the Competition  >>  3 Strategies

Customer Service as a Powerful Differentiator

Surprise Your Existing Customers To Retain Them

Customer Satisfaction

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Listening To Your Customers

Customer's Perspective of Quality

Dealing With Unfair Clients

Customer Satisfaction Illusion and Trap

Winning Customers

Achieving Deep Customer Focus: 10 Breakthroughs

Add More Value for Your Customer

Make It Easy for Your Customers To Do Business with You

Value Innovation

Why Customer Retention?

Experts say, it takes 5 to 10 times more time, effort and expense to win new customers than it takes to keep existing ones.

In today's competitive business world and challenging economy, retaining your customer base is critical to your success. If you don't give your customers some good reasons to stay, your competitors will give them a reason to leave.

Jack Welch's 5 Strategic Questions

Customer retention and satisfaction drive profits. It's far less expensive to cultivate your existing customer base and sell more services to them than it is to seek new, single-transaction customers. Most surveys across industries show that keeping one existing customer is five to seven times more profitable than attracting one new one.2

Create Customer Value: 10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita

Happy Business is about Love

Loving is about striving to make your loved ones happier. If you make your customers feel happier, they will stay with you, and you both will enjoy this lasting loving relationship... More

Loving Customer Relationships

Love your customers. If you ignore them, they will very quickly ignore you, and leave.

If you focus more attention towards post-acquisition customer engagement, you will enjoy cumulative benefits: the customer base, revenue and cash flow will keep increasing,  while the  pressure off acquisition as the sole driver of growth will be taken off... More

Getting Loyal Customers

"Loyal customers are just waiting to be found. They have already invested in your products or services and are just waiting to be noticed. Before you begin planning your budget for new acquisitions, understand the investors who have purchased stock in your future," says John Mehrmann.

Customer Care

Delighted and loyal customers will return for follow-on business without considering alternatives of comparing the competition. Though, there is a number of factors that influence customers' decisions to remain loyal, true loyalty is based on your company's continuous delivery of superior value.

Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth.

7 Routes to High Profits

To win customer loyalty, you must first satisfy your customer repeatedly... More

Value Innovation

The value innovation concept provides a relevant support for questioning product/market strategies as well as underlying assumptions.

Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer

You must examine radically what constitutes real value for customers by asking fundamental questions: what value offering need to be introduced or increased to meet customer needs? what value offerings can be reduced or eliminated, because they do not constitute real value for customers?... More

Innovation is Love Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Apply 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 Principle tells you that marketing should focus on providing a stunning service in 20% of the existing products/services that generate 80% of fully costed profits. It should devote extraordinary endeavor towards retaining 20% of customers who provide 80% of the firm's profits... More

Partnering with Customers

Customer connection comes from involving customers, partnering with them. Partnering with customers represents your firm's "capacity to anticipate what customers need even before they know they need it."6... More

Case Studies Dell Inc.

"At Dell, we've always tried to exceed customer expectations with our products and services," says Michael Dell, the Founder of Dell. "When you delight your customer consistently by offering better products and better services, you create strong loyalty. When you go beyond that to build a meaningful, memorable total experience, you win customers for life. Our goal, at the end of the day, is for our customers to say, Dell is the smarter way to buy a computer."

Surprise Your Customers

Small gestures can help turn your new clients into regulars... More

More Value-Added (MVA)...

How Do You Create Value for the Customer?...

Value Innovation: Two Fundamental Questions...

Customers will usually come back if...

What Is Your Business Design?...

Do Your Customers Enjoy Buying from You?...

Differentiating with Different Types of Customers...

Measuring the Success of Your Customer Retention Strategy...

Measuring Customer Satisfaction...

Relationship Marketing and Selling...

 Case in Point

 Case in Point  Charles Schwab...

 Case in Point  Benefits of Business Process Management




Jack Welch advice business quotes

The best way to hold your customers
is to constantly figure how to
give more for less.

Jack Welch


Michael Dell advice

At Dell, we've always tried to exceed customer expectations with our products and services.  >>>

Michael Dell

Dell Inc.

Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

Use complaints to strengthen ties with your customer.

Konosuke Matsushita


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Don't lose focus on the customer
if you don't want to lose them and
your business

Vadim Kotelnikov




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