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Step-by-Step and Holistic Approaches

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Customer Value Journey Defined

Customer Value Journey is a path that people travel as they discover your brand, research your value offerings and your firm, buy from you, build relationships with you, and become your loyal customers or even brand ambassadors.

From the seller’s point of view, customers value journey is about turning strangers into loyal customers.


Customer Experience Management

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Managing Customer Value Journey

There to major approaches to managing the customer value journey:

① A step-by-step process for attracting, converting and retaining customers.

② A holistic approach to customer experience management (CXM) focused on customer value creation and delivery.

The former approach is primarily for beginners and lifestyle firms. The latter one is practiced by market leaders and aspiring business champions.

Whichever approach you choose, you need to develop a strategy and a process that walks customer throughout the value journey, guiding and encouraging them whenever required, and giving them some extra value to amaze them and exceed their expectations.

People buy benefits and solutions to their problems. The more help you provide your customers to fill the gap between their needs and wants and your solution, the more value you add to them, which differentiates you from your less helpful competitors.


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Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story


Designing Customer Experience Journey

 Start designing the customer experience journey with creation of a powerful first impression. Market your products empathetically. Sell outstanding benefits and solutions to customer problems. Build harmonious relationships with customers. Use win-win approach to resolve conflicts, if any. Strive to exceed customer expectations.





Customer Satisfaction Service-Profit Chain Vaue Chain Creating Customer Value Employee Satisfaction Sustainable Profits Customer Retention Loving Customer Reationships People Power Customer Experience Benefits of Customer Retention 7 Routes to High Profits Vadim Kotelnikov Service-Profit Chain  

The service-profit chain is a powerful phenomenon that stresses the importance of people – both employees and customers – and how linking them can leverage corporate performance.

The service-profit chain is an equation that establishes the relationship between corporate policies, employee satisfaction, value creation, customer loyalty, and profitability.



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