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Customer Value Proposition

Creating and Giving Your Customer More Benefits


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Essential Elements of Customer Value Proposition

A value proposition typically contains the essential elements of:

Feature: a specific important feature of your offer

Advantage:  as compared to the competition

Benefit: to the customer

Image: a picture that  conveys feeling and is easy to remember.

Offer: a call to action.  >>>



Competitive Strategy

Customer Value Proposition

Survival Strategy: Low cost/benefit ratio

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  Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy


What is Value Proposition?

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." ~ Warren Buffett

Value proposition is a description of the customer problem, the solution that addresses the problem, and the value of this solution from the customer's perspective.

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Why Customer Value Proposition?

Your company should deliver a particular customer value proposition to a definable market in order to exist. Competition is all about value: creating it and capturing it.

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Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

Why People Purchase?

Why people purchase? And how to get more of them to purchase from you now?..  More

What Is Perceived Value to the Customer?

You can charge the customer the value provided, regardless of its cost. If the price charged for a product is commensurate with the benefits provided or a solution to a customer problem, then it will be considered a good value in the mind of the buyer.

Define Your Internal Core Marketing Message

To create a business-generating marketing program, the first direction to go is inward. Before you create your outward-reaching promotional materials, you've got to get a fix on your internal Core Marketing Message – in other words, what customer value are you selling, and why should anyone care?... More

Describe Your Unique Advantage

Differentiate – describe the unique advantages of your service over your competition, and what makes you special, memorable, and stand apart from your competitors. Strong differentiation techniques include uniqueness, leadership, attribute ownership, heritage, your philosophies and values, use testimonies.

If you feel uncomfortable to boldly claim your own special qualities,  seriously ask yourself the question "What would be different about the world if you were not here?" and your special attributes will emerge for you.9

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Experiential Marketing

The best way to communicate to potential buyers the value of a product is to let them experience it. Creative experiential marketing, when applied correctly, will lead to greater impact for the consumer, increased effectiveness for the advertiser, and even cost savings relative to traditional advertising or marketing techniques... More

Case Studies Apple

Apple’s innovative value proposition “The product as an experience” stimulated great ideas when company leaders were contemplating a new business model. For instance, Apple pioneered into a new business space and defined a workable business model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book for downloading music... More



Case Studies Dell Computers

Dell Computers won business on price, but the company provides also high-quality products and services and maintains partner relationships with their customers. Actually, Dell Computers have found that the pricing was only one-third of their customers' decision-making process; the other two-thirds represented service and support... More




Selling to Intuiters, Sensors, Thinkers, and Feelers

Intuiters are tend to look at the big picture and avoid the details. They are very interested in the possibility of what's coming next. This is why this type of person would be receptive to a differentiation strategy based on your product being the next generation in its category... More