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Strong vs. Weak Differentiation Strategies  ●  3 Parts of Your Differentiation Strategy


Adapted from books by Jack Trout, Steve Rivkin and Al Ries



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Three Parts of Your Differentiation Strategy2

Positioning: Have a simple idea that separates you from your competition  >>>

Trust Building: Have the credentials or the product/service that makes this concept real and believable

Awareness Creation: Build a program to make your customers and prospects aware of this difference

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Four Steps of Your Differentiation Strategy1

Make Sense in the Context of the Category
Your message has to start with what the marketplace has heard and registered from your competition get a quick snapshot of the perceptions that exist in mind, not deep thoughts...

Differentiation Strategy

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Competitive Differentiation

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Competitive Strategy

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Winning Customers

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Differentiating Idea

Your differentiating idea is your competitive mental angle.3

Competitive angle
Your differentiating idea must have a competitive angle to have a chance for success. Your product or service must be, first, different, and second, competitive in the total marketing arena.

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer

Mental angle
The marketing battle takes place in in the mind of the prospect. It is the
perception that must be considered in the selection of an idea, not the reality. Competitors that do not exist in the mind can be ignored. Competitors who enjoy strong perceptions that do not agree with reality must be evaluated based on these perceptions, not the reality.

Great Slogan: WOW Principle and 7 Features

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Empathetic Marketing



Why Differentiate?

Differentiation is the key to building and maintaining your sustainable competitive advantage. A superior product or service means nothing without a way of somehow letting your prospective customers know about it. The concept of being unique or different is far more important today than it was ten years ago. The key to successful marketing and competing is differentiation.

Hypercompetition and over-communication are key features of new economy. What used to be national markets with local companies competing for business has become a global market with everyone competing for everyone's business everywhere. With the enormous competition markets today are driven by choice your targeted customers have too many choices, all of which can be fulfilled instantly.

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Buzz Marketing

Customer Value Proposition

Sell Benefits

Selling Is Problem Solving

Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

 Thus, "differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. It is not discretionary".1

Harnessing the Power of Psychology

You don't need a degree in psychology to compete successfully in the marketplace, but you do need some way to figure out the different styles of interaction different people prefer to use.

Customer Care

People tend to lead their decision-making process decisions with one of the four functions: intuition, thinking, feeling, and sensing. Vividly differentiated differences that are anchored to a product and engage the above functions can enhance memory of your current and prospective customers... More




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Differentiate or Die, Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin    The Power of Simplicity, Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin    The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Al Ries & Jack Trout.