Winning Customers: Synergistic Selling


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Winning Customers

Differentiation    Positioning 

Emotional Marketing    Empathetic Marketing

Core Marketing Message (CMM)

Customer Value Proposition    USP

Contextual Value Proposition

Sell Benefits    Selling Is Problem Solving

Selling by Serving    Natural Selling

Great Salesperson: 10 Core Skills

Raising Venture Capital: Sell Yourself



Impactful Presenter

Closing Techniques

Creative Marketing

Selling is about solving customer problems.
Your prospective customers may be aware of these problems, or you can bring these problems to their attention. 
Your prospective customers may face these problems currently or they will face these problems as the situation and their needs change.

People with winning self-images constantly outsell those with low self-esteem.
Your sense of your own importance will determine whether your prospect develops a positive image of you.
The prospect will tend to see you as you see yourself.