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White Marketing and Selling

"Never forget that the purpose of your business and marketing strategies is to serve people and to help them satisfy their wants and needs
both conscious and unconscious,
both seeded and unseeded."

~ VadiK

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"You demonstrate who you are, and people judge and respond to you, based on your words, your actions and your habits. And it all starts where? With a thought! Everything starts with a thought. That's why thoughts are so powerful. That's why choosing how you think and act will determine how life responds to you and what you receive in life."

~ Michael Oliver




4 Principles of Natural Selling





Michael Oliver, the author of the Natural Selling newsletter defined the following four principles of natural selling:

① The purpose of a business is helping other people solve their problems

Asking the right types of questions at the right time

Listening to what is being meant, not just what is being said

④ Feeding back what you think you heard.


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5 Core Selling Skills





Stewart Hutton, the author of Practical Selling Sales Foundations Course, lists the following file core selling skills:

Sell benefits, not features

② Ask your customer questions that will uncover their need for your products.

③ Present solutions based on your products that satisfy the customers needs.

④ Overcome objections they raise.

Close sales.


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Be a Helper

Synergistic Selling

Sell Dreams and Emotional Benefits

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Getting People To Want To Buy from You





Tap into people's dreams, adapt your value proposition accordingly, and link it to the realization of their dreams if you want people to buy your idea, initiative, brand, product or service.

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