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Empathise with your customers and be a coach for them





"Asking the right types of questions at the right time is the key to natural selling."
~ Michael Oliver

"Ask your customer questions that will uncover their need for your products."
~ Stewart Hutton





"What we ask is often more important than what we tell. If you are trying to market or sell something to a corporate manager, he/she can always tell how experienced you are in marketing and selling by the quality of the questions you ask. The marketers who really impress corporate managers are the ones who ask the most thought-provoking questions," writes Thomas A. Freese, the author of Secrets of Question Based Selling.


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Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

Donít sell customers goods that they are attracted to; sell them goods that will benefit them.

Konosuke Matsushita




"When you get to the heart of what's important to someone, they will be open and receptive to your business and opportunity. In sales, asking the right question is just as important as knowing what to say. Salespeople must know how to ask the right questions at the right time to clients and customers in order to identify new opportunities, qualify accounts and uncover needs. This is the principle behind Question Based Selling (QBS)." ~ Thomas A. Freese


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Vadim Kotelnikov

Radical Innovation is not about satisfying customer needs, it is about creating new desires.

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Selling by Coaching

Selling by coaching is a growth marketing technique. Treat your prospective customer as a player who wants to achieve extraordinary results. Your task is to help the player win.

Ask the right questions so you can understand your prospects' problem and determine how you can help s/him.


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