Advanced Soft Skills 4.0





Engaging people
Provocative and coaching questions can   turn people from those resisting change to those creating change

Establishing rapport
Don't try to impress people with your ideas, rather establish rapport and trust by eliciting ideas from them and thus expressing how much you care about them and value their point of view.  >>>

Better listening, deeper understanding
All too often, while you are talking, your prospect is not
listening but thinking about what he/she is going to say. When you ask questions, you make your prospect think  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book in the direction you propose.

Higher motivation, better follow-up

The right answer will not be imposed by you, it will be found and owned by your prospect, who, thus, will be more motivated to follow it up

Powerful clarifying questions can help
solve Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book big problems and resolve conflicts. Such questions can also prevent big problems if asked timely.