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Self-Coaching Questions




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NLP is the psychology of excellence and the technology of achievement and success.

NLP is first and foremost about action. By using NLP you can give yourself more conscious choice over what you do and the way you act. Using NLP at work and in your personal life will sharpen your skills and boost your achievements.




Coaching Yourself: Questions To Ask


Achievement-focused Self-Coaching: 6Ws Questions




Coaching by asking questions is the most effective way of coaching. Answers can not enlighten, questions can.

Consider these points:

What do you want to achieve? What are your goals?

What is the path towards achieving your goal? What are the specific steps on this pathway?



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What are you best at doing for yourself? How do you do that? How can you apply these skills in new ways to achieve your goals?

What are you least practiced at doing? What level of excellence would you like to achieve in this area?




What might be the first step to help you improve your skills? What is the first improvement you can make then in coaching yourself?

What might be your next step?



Grow Model

Coaching: Ask/Tell Repertoire






Self-Management Questions