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Coaching by Questions

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"It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question." ~ Eugen Decouvertes


Influencing People: Yin-Yang Strategies


NLP Technology of Achievement

Coaching Yourself: Questions To Ask

Consider these points:

  • What do you want to achieve? What are your goals?

  • What is the path towards achieving your goal? What are the specific steps on this pathway?

COCA Principle of Achievement

  • What are you best at doing for yourself? How do you do that? How can you apply these skills in new ways to achieve your goals?

  • What are you least practiced at doing? What level of excellence would you like to achieve in this area?

  • What might be the first step to help you improve your skills? What is the first improvement you can make then in coaching yourself?

  • What might be your next step?

4 WHYs of True Success



Asking Effective Questions

Selecting an Appropriate Coaching Style: the Skill / Will Matrix

Structuring a Coaching Session the GROW Model

Instant Payoff Coaching


Bad Feedback vs. Good Feedback: Helpful Hints

Selling by Coaching

Technology of Achievement

"Why?" and "What If?" Questions

Leader 360

Lateral Leadership

Leading Up

Growing Role of Non-directive Coaching

A good question is much better than an advice. A clever question can instantly open our eyes, transform our lives and launch us in a whole new direction.

Non-directive coaching that involves inspiring, asking effective questions, summarizing, paraphrasing, reflecting, and listening can help you and the player you are coaching achieve amazing results. If you adopt non-directive approach, people learn in minutes things that would take you, operating from a more conventional directive model, hours to teach... More

Same Reality, Different Perceptions

4 NLP Perceptual Positions

The Ask/Tell Repertoire

When you should tell and when you should ask questions? Ask questions and paraphrase when you discuss tasks which the player will need to repeat in some form in future... More

Coaching Yourself: Become a Greater Value Creator (GVC)

To achieve a 360 success in all areas of your life and business, you must strive to create a greater and unique!   value for people around you. Just creating some value is not enough. You must be different.  You must become a star in their lives, so you must stretch.

To be able to help people solve their problems in a caring value-added way, ask yourself these questions constantly... More



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