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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)







Psychology of Excellence, Technology of Achievement




NLP - neuro-linguistic programming  

NLP is the psychology of excellence and the technology of achievement and success.

NLP  studies and isolates ways to model excellence, and examines different ways people think, feel, communicate with one another, and build relationships.




'Neuro' refers to the mind and how we organize our mental life.

'Linguistic' is about language, how we use it and how it affects us.

'Programming' is about our sequences of repetitive behavior and how we act with purpose.

NLP is an accessible model to enhance effective communication, personal change and personal development.

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By Using NLP You Can:

Become a visionary leader by mastering a style of communication that is so compelling and motivation using language that is so enriched that it inspires others to be a part of that vision... More


Main Benefits of Using NLP

NLP Basic Principles of Excellence

Create a Vision








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NLP benefits

Main Benefits of Using NLP

NLP explores how we think and feel and studies or 'models' excellence in every walk of life. 

NLP is first and foremost about action. By using NLP you can give yourself more conscious choice over what you do and the way you act. Using NLP at work and in your personal life will sharpen your skills and boost your achievements.

"The theories and practices of NLP will help you discover what makes some people excel in all aspects of their lives, and will enable you to do the same," says Mo Shapiro, the author of NLP in a Week.





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Finding the Way to Success

❶ Define precisely what you want set your goal

Start acting to achieve your goal

❸ Watch the changes produced by your actions

Be flexible ask learning SWOT questions and change your action plan if the current one does not produce the required results  >>>

Continuous Learning and Growth

NLP is:

  • the study of what works for you and for others

  • the study of the best practice

  • the process of unpacking the 'how' of what we and others do

  • the modeling a process of inner benchmarking, unpacking our thinking strategies as well as our external behavior

This understanding of conscious and unconscious structure of how and what we and other do gives us choices:

  • the choice to refine what we do

  • the choice to stop what we do

  • the choice to do it differently

Presuppositions of NLP

Creating Inevitable Success

5 NLP Steps

  • Appreciate your goal, pay attention to how attractive that goal is, make it as compelling as possible... More

5 NLP Rules of Self-Motivation    Change Yourself With NLP

Balance Your Wheel of Life

Achievement Management

Achiever Mindset    Changing Yourself    Coaching Yourself

Setting Personal Goals

Categories of Personal Goals

Knowing Yourself and Others


Building Relationships

Connecting with People    Establishing Rapport

NLP Presuppositions

The presuppositions are the central principles central of NLP; they are its guiding philosophy, its beliefs. These principles are called presuppositions because you pre-suppose them to be true and then act as if they were. You then discover what happens. If you like the results then continue to act as if they are true. They form a set of ethical principles for life... More


The awareness of how you do what you do is the key to self-management and influence. You can't control people or events, but you can manage your response to them. Your skill and your ability to manage yourself directly affect the extent to which you achieve your goals.

"NLP is a process of discovery and as such it is about continually uncovering new ways of thinking and working. It is a process of continuous learning and growth and is key to profound personal development... By using NLP you can give yourself more conscious choice over what you do and the way you act," says Sue Knight, the author of NLP Solutions.

NLP Approach to Feedback

'There is no failure only feedback," advises NLP. If what you are doing isn't working, be inventive do something different... More


Three NLP Guiding Principles for Constructing Your Success

Taken together, the three NLP guiding principles failure is not an accident; feedback is the foundation of success; and success has a structure can help you change old habits of thinking and your success hit rate... More

Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Our unconscious mind has a far greater influence and can accomplish far more than the conscious. NLP practitioners make the unconscious conscious. They are more consciously aware of what they do unconsciously. This gives them the power of managing their personal development in a way that enables them to realize their true potential.

Taking a Systems View of Things

NLP teaches you to habitually take a systems view of things to look at the different elements in a situation as parts of a system which functions for good or ill.

This system involves people and a sequence of events, thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions. Once you understand how the system is working for or against you you have a means of structuring things differently in the future.

4 NLP Perceptual Positions


Disney Creativity Strategy

Disney Creativity Strategy was initially modelled and developed as NLP tool by Robert Dilts, an NLP pioneer. One of the goals of NLP is to model the thinking strategies of successful people. Dilts defined this particular strategy after analyzing Disney's methods for turning his dreams into reality... More